Flavored Kratom Drink Shots Availability?

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Flavored Kratom Drink Shots Availability?


Kratom, the herbal supplement currently making waves over the country, otherwise called Mitragyna speciosa, has existed since the nineteenth century, at least. For most of its history, the knowledge of this plant and its applications have been limited to locals in its native Southeast Asia. That includes countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. And for several years, the locals have always taken kratom either by chewing the leaves raw or by infusing them into boiled water, to make a tea.

However, since this herb made its way into the western world, and only recently, it has undergone numerous reinventions. Now, there are kratom powder, capsule, and extract products, among many others. People keep coming up with creative applications of the kratom herb. Fast forward to two centuries later and kratom has become a sort of global phenomenon. And with its new famed status has come a variety of forms such as powder, tea, capsules, etc. Kratom is now more than just a recreational herb because of this versatility.

What are Kratom Shots?

The latest (or so it seems) in this series of innovations is kratom shots. You have probably seen them sold, commonly at head shops, convenience stores, smoke shops, and even by online vendors. They come in tiny bottles (usually 10 ml sizes). For most people who have desired the experience of liquid kratom, kratom shots are good news. 

The ‘toss and wash’ method of taking kratom powder may leave an unsavory sensation in a person’s mouth, perhaps even down to the throat. If taken improperly, the powder would stick to the sides of the mouth or in the throat and cause the person to choke and cough repeatedly. On the other hand, there are kratom capsules, small pills consisting of kratom powder filled in a gelatin shell. They are more portable and easier to take than kratom powder, but they deny you the ‘experience’ of taking kratom. 

Kratom tea (Is Kratom Leaf More Effective than Powder?)


Another benefit of kratom capsules is their portability. They are very small, discreet, and perfect to carry around the office or any other public place. In fact, no one can know you are taking kratom because the capsules appear just like every other medicinal capsule. Just pop one or two into your mouth and drink water to wash it down. And you are good. But not everyone wants to use kratom like they are using a drug, thus denying themselves of the very satisfaction of taking kratom. 

Moreover, kratom can have some strong, and rather bitter taste, which may be uncomfortable for many people. People try to circumvent this through different methods such as mixing kratom with drinks (usually beverages and juices). But these require extra effort. 

Benefits of Kratom Drink Shots

Most kratom lovers would admit that it would be more satisfying for them to find a kratom product that is convenient to use and delivers a frictionless experience. That describes kratom shots. 

Kratom shots are flavored liquid kratom. Instead of having to make your own ‘DIY kratom shot’, you can simply head to a store and purchase a bottle of kratom shot. It is liquid, and so consumption is smooth. Also, it is flavored, so that you can enjoy delicious-tasting kratom as against the natural seemingly bitter taste. 

Kratom shots are not just a trend. They would be around for as long as possible. At WayMoreNaturals, we are committed to the wellbeing and satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we have been looking to expand our line our products to include kratom shots. 

WayMoreNaturals and Kratom Shots

Already, our site has one of the widest variety of kratom product offerings among the top kratom companies in the United States. Imagine when we add kratom shots to the list. To get quick updates immediately we introduce them, we would recommend that you join our community. It is a closed Facebook group where we allow customers to interact with each other on kratom-related topics, announce new products and updates, promote discounts and special offers, as well as coordinate contests and giveaways. It is the full package. 


Mind you, kratom shots are different from the chemically-enhanced kratom products that some vendors sell these days. Even though, there may be chemically-enhanced kratom shots too. As you are probably well aware, WayMoreNaturals is a company that promotes pure, organic kratom only. And we are not ready to compromise that stand. At least, not until research proves definitively that the interaction of the alkaloids in kratom with other foreign chemicals is okay and poses no danger to human health.

Kratom shots are flavored kratom liquid. That is, nothing but flavor is added. Taking kratom shots produces the same effect as mixing your kratom powder with a beverage or juice. The only difference is that the kratom shots are better prepared and are well-measured to ensure the proper dosages. People love kratom shots because of the convenience. 

Kratom Drink Shots vs Liquid Kratom Extracts 

Kratom shots are clearly different from liquid kratom extracts. The difference is in the processing of both. These are basically liquid kratom but highly concentrated due to the method of preparation. It is made by extracting the liquid from crushed kratom leaves. Therefore, only small amounts can be extracted at once. However, they have a very high concentration of alkaloids so a small amount of kratom extract can have the same impact as lots of kratom capsules, for instance. Making kratom extracts takes more time, effort, and resources. 


You can see the reasons kratom drink shots are gaining prominence, highlighted below:

  • Compared with powdered kratom, kratom shots are easy to dose and frictionless to consume. 
  • Compared with kratom capsules, kratom shots don’t bury the kratom experience; instead, they allow you to enjoy the experience to the fullest.
  • Compared with liquid kratom extracts, kratom shots take much less time and resources to produce. 


Finally, keep an eye upon us and be patient as we introduce kratom drink shots in the nearest future. Remember that joining the community puts you on the list of the first set of people to know when we announce a new product. 

And more importantly, whether you are buying kratom drink shots or some other kratom product, ensure that you buy an organic product from a reputable company. Way More Naturals is one of the foremost kratom companies in the United States. And our customers even extend beyond the shores of this country into Canada. 

At Way More Naturals, we advocate naturalness and thus keep our kratom organic and pure. We ensure this by presenting our kratom products for testing by a third-party laboratory. At Way More Naturals, we prioritize safety and customer satisfaction.

WayMoreNaturals has the best quality kratom product, of whatever type, that you can use to enrich your kratom experience, either you want to take kratom dry as it is, add it to tea, or mix it with your food. Or use kratom shots (coming soon). We are all about improving your wellbeing. You are welcome to explore our store at any time. It is filled with different strains of kratom products, all of which are completely organic, lab-tested and certified, and crafted to deliver satisfaction.










This product has not been approved by the FDA for human or animal use. The FDA has issued warnings about Kratom ingestion in humans. This product is sold with no directions or intended use. Content on this page does not claim or intend to claim any verifiable or beneficial use in humans.

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