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Bentuangie Kratom Strains & Their Effects

What Makes Bentuangie Kratom Strains Unique? Bentuangie kratom is currently among the more prevalent strains of kratom currently available. The red, green, and white varieties have rapidly become top selections for many users. In this guide, you are about to find out what makes Bentuangie kratom so sought-after and unique, the type of effects one […]

Can You Freeze Kratom?

Can You Freeze Kratom

There’s been a lot of questions lately about freezing Kratom. Some people think that freezing Kratom can make it more potent, while others believe that it breaks down the alkaloids in the plant. So, what’s the truth? Can you freeze Kratom? Does Freezing Kratom Work? We all know that Kratom is composed of two alkaloids, […]

Is It a Good Idea to Freeze Kratom?

Is It a Good Idea to Freeze Kratom

Is it a good idea to freeze Kratom? Certainly, when you place an order for Kratom with your favorite vendor, the next question they ask is probably “How would you like your order shipped?”  Many vendors will tell you that they recommend against freezing the product in most cases. However, there are times when freezing […]

Is Shopping Kratom Online Really Cheaper?

The answer to this question is not a straightforward yes or no. Therefore, in this article, we try to explain the nuances of the discrepancies of kratom prices between online stores and physical, local stores.  Why Buy Kratom Online Because physical stores are most often the middlemen and online stores the manufacturers, it is almost […]

A User’s Guide to Buying Kratom

What is Kratom? If you are completely new to kratom, you can check out our previous posts to learn more about this delightful herbal product sweeping through the United States. Kratom products come in so many forms: capsules, powder, shots, etc. There are also a variety of strains such as Red, White, Green, and Yellow […]

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