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Free Samples of Kratom

For those new to Kratom, we wanted to share with you a free kratom sample! It’s a chance to understand and appreciate what Kratom can bring to your life.

For our loyal customers, we want to share an opportunity to try new strains and experiment with a strain that you may have not tried before. Think of it as a tasting menu at a gourmet restaurant. A small, curated experience that can lead to richer, fuller discoveries!

Every sample is a direct reflection of our brand’s commitment to excellence. Each sample undergoes the same rigorous lab-testing procedures as our retail products, ensuring you receive nothing but the best. 

New Customers Get 2 Free Kratom Powder Samples

Try any two samples of kratom for FREE! We offer two 10-gram samples to all new members of our site.

With over 40+ different strains to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something that fits any time of your day!

Returning Customers May Add 1 Free Sample With Every Order

Choose 1 strain of your choice! Powder Sample Bag is 10g. Capsule Sample Bag is 4 Capsules.

Free Kratom Limit

NEW CUSTOMERS: Please do NOT select more than 2 free kratom samples. You will either receive only 2, or we will cancel your order altogether.

RETURNING CUSTOMERS: Please do NOT select more than 1 free sample. You will either receive only 1, or we will cancel your order altogether.

WayMoreNaturals is all about holistic health and natural healing through quality grade kratom products. We hold our suppliers to the highest level of standard, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality kratom.

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