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  • Amazing Customer Service!

    ByCreated JP - Aspen CO

    Customer Service was friendly and respectful, like talking to best friend; also very efficient and to the point. Very impressed with quality of product.

  • Very happy

    ByCreated Dan Davidson

    Got my first order in today and I am very happy with the quality, the customer service and super fast shipping. I’m so happy I found you all. Keep up the great work and thanks for looking out for your customers.

  • 🙃 more “experience” now👍

    ByCreated Barb

    Hi. Anyone out “there on the fence?”! Do NOT HESITATE! “WayMore” is way! More! than a “vendor”! If you are here...👍👍. You made a decision. Feel confident here. Trust me, please. Check out the 😉! FB GROUP👍🙏👏😆🙏. Robin!! ... (EVERY one, really) ....is truly awesome. 👏👏💝 Their product!? I’m confident, now (still only sampling others; but feel educate-ISH to say, this!! Tea!? 👍👍👏👏😁😁💝💝. WayMoreNaturals’ Tea...is truly great! To say “it tastes ok!?” would be a compliment!? This!? Tastes ... good!! How!? Purity! (My best guess 😁) Great “ordering/PAYING/and Shipping”!👍👍 “Just do! It!”😆👏👏👍👍 I! Am 💯 a “satisfied, happy client”...for a long! time🙏to come!👍 Best wishes...

  • Very fast! Awesome product!

    ByCreated Michelle Eperjesi

    Will DEFINITELY be re-ordering

  • Very fast! Awesome product!

    ByCreated Michelle Eperjesi

    Will DEFINITELY be re-ordering


    ByCreated Barb

    Thank you!!! For my AMAZING samples. ... ” more importantly GUIDANCE TO this product, via my “ LADIES”!!! BRANDEE NEW TO LIFE and this UNIVERSE of Kratom. Thank you! Green and Red Maeng Da samples are ...in my VERY “limited knowledge opinion” ...AWESOME👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏🤣🤣🤣


    ByCreated Barb

    Thank you!!! For my AMAZING samples. ... ” more importantly GUIDANCE TO this product, via my “ LADIES”!!! BRANDEE NEW TO LIFE and this UNIVERSE of Kratom. Thank you! Green and Red Maeng Da samples are ...in my VERY “limited knowledge opinion” ...AWESOME👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏🤣🤣🤣

  • Green and red horn

    ByCreated Dennis Fleming

    The shipping is fast but red and green horn didn't do anything so feel I have wasted my money

  • Green and red horn

    ByCreated Dennis Fleming

    Green and red horn

  • Random Promo Text

    ByCreated Ashley Verno

    I received a random promo text from them, so I was a little sketch out on trying them, but I gave them a called they helped me find the right product and every step of the way. There shipping is fast I got my products in 2 days, there customer service is excellent, and best of all love there kratom! Highly recommend this company!!!!!

  • Great customer service!

    ByCreated John Neugent

    Honest mistake, they forgot the free sample. I asked about it even though I felt weird complaining about not getting a freebie. They messaged me expeditiously and told me not to worry, they would sent it immediately. Also, the Green Maeng Da is really good!

  • Above the Waves

    ByCreated Nicole S

    Excellent kratom and service!!!❤️

  • Great mental acuity

    ByCreated Danny W

    This was I felt a faster strain than something like a green tai but not as fast as white and green MD's. Definitely a go-to strain for me on work days where I need to focus and/or be physical.

  • Happy all night long!!

    ByCreated Michelle R

    I use this strain as part of my rotation prior to working 12 hour night shifts. My mood is better at work allowing me to handle chaos and stress better then usual and helps me stay awake and alert. I like White MD better then this strain but this is great for rotation. Awesone service from WayMoreNaturals as awalys.

  • Great

    ByCreated Tabatha B

    Great kratom as usual from waymorenaturals

  • Great product

    ByCreated Chris d

    My first time using any kratom. Seems to help with what I was looking for. Very great tasting and a high quality product. I will order again. Thank You

  • My new favorite!

    ByCreated Jesse C

    Only the whites work for me. WMN is the best!

  • quality

    ByCreated Charlie M

    Perfect kratom. And true quality

  • Great

    ByCreated Christian

    Love this vendor. Spot on

  • Green of the gods

    ByCreated Alex W

    Love green borneo before work. Less is truly more with this one.

  • Best Kratom

    ByCreated Austin c

    Red Bali One of my Go-To Favorites! This has become my favorite strain that Waymorenaturals sales. They are all good, but this one is my favorite.

  • Smooth sailing

    ByCreated Charles s

    My husband loves this blend, he says it's been extremely helpful to get through the day. We won't buy anywhere but waymorenaturals so thanks again guys for another superb quality product and great, fast service.

  • First time ordering online everything

    ByCreated Mary H

    First time ordering online everything went well and will be ordering more

  • Good Morning 🙂

    ByCreated Tim K

    Love the Yellow borneo to start my day or as a pick me up in the afternoon

  • Pain no more

    ByCreated Moy

    This stuff is potent and awesome

  • Great Product!

    ByCreated Nicole b

    Really like there strains one of my favorites. Particularly helpful for my “women’s issues”. Very glad I found Waymorenaturals!

  • MD green!

    ByCreated Amy Ash

    love this green, it’s reliable, good quality, and you will not be disappointed!

  • Another winner

    ByCreated Tammy R

    I’m never surprised anymore that every single thing I buy from waymorenaturals is of the best quality and helps in the ways I’ve come to expect. This one is no different. It does exactly what I need it to do. I will say it’s rather potent so a lil bit does a lot! That’s good economically as well!! Thank you waymorenaturals for another great and potent product! As usual Read more about, you Rock!!! That’s probably why I’ve been with y’all for so long.. lol

  • Smooth flavor

    ByCreated Kelly H

    I didn't know I could like the taste of kratom until this strain yellow borneo arrived! Wow!

  • Definitely what I needed. Would

    ByCreated Paula P

    Definitely what I needed. Would highly recommend.

  • Awesome quality product, fast shipping

    ByCreated Brenda D

    Awesome quality product, fast shipping.

  • Red bali

    ByCreated Rlyan J

    I have tried a few different strains and they all seem to be good. I like the bali the best. It seems to be strong. Thanks guys!

  • Lovelove love white md. Helps

    ByCreated Drew S

    Lovelove love white md. Helps so much!

  • Great product

    ByCreated Josh V

    Quality product. I consider Waymorenaturals to be a trustworthy source.

  • Professional and quality

    ByCreated Amanda L

    I’m really happy with my purchase I ordered the red bali variety and found it professionally packaged and fresh quality. When I add water instead of looking like mud it looks and smells fresh and quality it on point!

  • Customer for Life

    ByCreated Jack H

    👌Outstanding products, easy checkout, quick processing, and even quicker delivery! That’s why Kat’s has my business for life❣️

  • I love it!!

    ByCreated Sandy M

    I love it it’s the best Red MD for the win all the way!

  • Great buy!

    ByCreated Ronald H

    Fast shipping, nice product, would recommend and will definitely buy again!

  • Exceeded expectations

    ByCreated Terri Lee

    High quality products arrived in a timely fashion, with no hiccups in the process. WayMoreNaturals are professionals!

  • Very good product.

    ByCreated Jason K

    I have been receiving Kratom from you guys for over a year now and have never been disappointed .

  • Best so far!

    ByCreated Jared T

    I’m absolutely in love with Yellow Borneo! WILL be purchasing again! Thanks WMN!

  • Sampler pack

    ByCreated Tori M

    So I’m a newbie to this. I did my research for days. Talked to people and did some more research. Being in the state I am made a HUGE impact on where I bought mine. I found you guys and the first thing I saw was lab tested. What a sigh of relief. The details were many and the price (to a newbie) sounded pretty good. Not knowing which to try first Read more aboutI opted for the sample pack. I now know what works for me. The shipping wasn’t bad at all. I even tracked it daily because of my excitement. I’m unsure if I’ll try another vendor in the future but as of right now I’m happy with what I found. Thank you so much for making my life better!💜

  • Red md

    ByCreated Tammy W

    This is one of my go to's. I do mainly reds. It is my favorite red since I started taking Kratom. Highly recommend.

  • I want to say thank

    ByCreated Tim T

    I want to say thank you WayMoreNaturals your green maeng da is the best I've ever had the shipping time was fast and I will continue to purchase more I give you five stars cuz it's that awesome


    ByCreated Mike E

    An Absolute Life Changer and Delight to Work with!! The product Quality is TOP NOTCH!!! It’s easy to use and the results are the Best I’ve had Yet!! It’s Truly an Honor to work with you!! Thank You for Providing your consumers with Exemplary Service and Commendable Products!! You’ve Literally and Figuratively have CHANGED M Read more aboutY LIFE!!! 100% Thanks Again!!

  • Excellent Kratom

    ByCreated James B

    Have not had a bad experience yet with Kratom from WMN. This White Sumatra was very uplifting. I enjoyed it, and will definitely try it again another time.

  • Green Bali

    ByCreated Emma Heck

    positive mood enhancement and good clean energy and focus

  • White MD

    ByCreated waymore

    I love the White Vein Sumatra I purchased from WayMoreNaturals. This strain gave me the perfect balance of energy plus a sense calm. It is a "clean" energy, and I was more productive while I took it. I don't get a lot of sleep because of my job, and the constant fatigue I normally felt throughout the day was gone with the White Vein Sumatra. I reordered yesterday, and I would highly suggest this product to others, and would encourage Kratom users to giveWayMoreNaturals a try because the product is of higher quality than the other Kratom suppliers I've tried in the past. My quality of life has vastly improved from using this strain of Kratom.

  • Awesome Product

    ByCreated jhon

    I did like the product..

  • Delivered at time

    ByCreated John

    Awesome quality I have had..

  • Product

    ByCreated Jhony

    Delivery on time and Great quality product..


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