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The prominent state of North Carolina is one of the original 13 states that made up the United States. Its impressive legacy, a vibrant economy, and its natural beauty are part of the attractive qualities of the state. It is also a significant state as far as kratom is concerned, being one where kratom remains very popular.

However, with the sweeping wave of debates concerning kratom legality across the country, it is understandable that people want to be sure that they are not doing anything illegal by taking kratom. That’s the purpose of this article; to show you that kratom is fully legal in North Carolina and to also show you the best place to buy kratom in North Carolina.


Kratom Legislation in North Carolina

North Carolina does not have elaborate KCPA legislation, but it does have some restrictions in place. As for North Carolina, kratom remains legal throughout the state, though limited to adults, who are over the age of eighteen. However, its legality has been under threat in the past. Back in 2016, two legislators sponsored a bill that would have granted the inclusion of kratom on the controlled substances list, effectively banning it for everyone. However, efforts from kratom lovers and advocates ensured that the bill was dialed down to only restrict kratom for underage people. The legislation is known as House Bill 747.

Some of the motivation for trying to ban kratom include concerns about safety, though, in most cases, the pieces of evidence are misleading. In North Carolina, where the case of 23 people who overdosed led to the introduction of the bill, it was discovered that those people had other medications in their system. That means, their unfortunate incidents were not due to kratom. 


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  • Our kratom contains no additives. When you buy kratom capsules or powder from us, you can rest assured that you are getting 100% pure kratom. This also means that the minimum baseline of mitragynine on all kratom you purchase from us stands at 1.3%. 


WayMoreNaturals is an established kratom vendor with a track record of nationwide excellence. We deliver pure and organic kratom products to customers across the over 40 states where kratom remains legal and even outside the country. Since kratom is legal in North Carolina, you can always contact us for your kratom products and rest assured of a delightful experience and 100% satisfaction.

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