Buy Kratom in Phoenix?

One of the most populous cities in the United States is certainly not one to be ignored. Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, is a city bustling with hustling minds. Finding top kratom vendors in Phoenix shouldn’t be a daunting task but it seems so. There are too many fake vendors around as well as many vendors that sell substandard products, which may be harmful to consumers. In fact, the proliferation of these fake products prompted the state government of Arizona to regulate the sale of kratom. More on that below.

In this article, you’ll learn some basic facts about kratom, the legal status of kratom in the city and in the state generally. It also explains why WayMoreNaturals is the top USA organic kratom vendor in Phoenix, Arizona. But before we go into specific detail, we must first explore the legality of kratom federally, first, and then in Phoenix specifically.

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Is Kratom Legal in Phoenix, Arizona?

In fact, the adoption of the Arizona KCPA bill (House Bill 2550) as law in April last year was a unanimous decision of the two legislative chambers of the state. The bill was signed into law by Governor Doug Ducey. 

The law bans kratom for children (that is, persons below the age of 18). Otherwise, kratom is legal for everyone in the state. In addition to that, there are other requirements to protect buyers from any potential health implications. The exact wording of the bill (House Bill 2550) is quoted below:

A dealer may not prepare, distribute, sell, or expose for sale any of the following:

  • A kratom product that is adulterated with a dangerous non-kratom substance. a kratom product is adulterated with a dangerous non-kratom substance if the kratom product is mixed or packed with a non-kratom substance and that substance affects the quality or strength of the kratom product to such a degree as to render the kratom product injurious to a consumer.
  • A kratom product that is contaminated with a dangerous non-kratom substance. A kratom product is contaminated with a dangerous non-kratom substance if the kratom product contains a poisonous or otherwise deleterious non-kratom substance, including any controlled substance prescribed by chapter 27 of this title.
  • A kratom product containing a level of 7-hydroxy mitragynine in the alkaloid fraction that is greater than two percent of the alkaloid composition of the product. 
  • A kratom product containing any synthetic alkaloid, including synthetic mitragynine, synthetic 7-hydroxy mitragynine, or any other synthetically derived compounds of the kratom plant.
  • Any kratom-containing product that does not include on its package or label the amount of mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine contained in the product. 

You can purchase kratom in Phoenix from botanical stores, liquor shops, gas stations, etc. Or you can also purchase from online vendors, at the top of which list there is WayMoreNaturals! 

Why Choose Way More Naturals?

WayMoreNaturals is a reliable company that supplies customers across North America with pure, organic, and quality kratom products. Once you visit our store to make an order, we would ship your kratom products quickly so that you can get your order as soon as possible. 

These are some reasons you should choose WayMoreNaturals:
  • All our kratom is sourced directly from forests in Southeast Asia. We maintain a strong relationship with experienced farmers over there. The kratom plants are not only cultivated in an environment that supplies optimal conditions for their growth; they are also cultivated using sustainable farming methods. We do that to keep the kratom organic. 
  • Our kratom products have been tested for safety and quality by a certified third-party lab. Therefore, we guarantee that the kratom products that you purchase from us do not contain any harmful chemicals. In addition, the products contain optimal alkaloid content to give you a satisfactory experience when taking kratom. The certificates of analysis for our products are available on request if you send us an email. 
  • We go over and beyond to ensure that our customers derive 100% satisfaction from their kratom. We do not enhance our kratom products in any way. They are entirely natural and pure. The minimum baseline of mitragynine on all kratom you purchase from us stands at 1.3%.  
  • We provide superior customer service to match our excellent products. Therefore, we have garnered several positive reviews from our numerous customers over the years. Both positive and negative feedback helps us improve our services and strengthen our relationship with our customers. That’s why we have multiple channels through which customers can reach us, through a phone call, email, or social media. The satisfaction of our customers is our consistent priority.  
  • WayMoreNaturals can join our online community where they can get to meet other kratom lovers as well as get accorded VIP status. Members of our community enjoy exclusive discounts and special offers. And they also get a chance to win at our regular contests. Besides this though, no one has to ‘formally’ join the online community before they can enjoy free sample packs. Both new and returning customers have access to sample packs to help them make decisions on which strain of kratom to purchase. 


At Way More Naturals, we prioritize the experience of our customers over any other factor. The need to deliver pure, safe, and quality kratom packages to our customers keeps us on our toes always and prevents us from compromising on any aspect. This is why we are transparent about our kratom growing methods and processing techniques. 

The superior effects that our kratom capsules and powder are noticeable for are a result of our organic cultivation process, harvesting at full maturity to ensure high alkaloid content, multiple sifting stages for ground leaves, and series of tests by a third-party laboratory to ensure adherence to quality standards.


This product has not been approved by the FDA for human or animal use. The FDA has issued warnings about Kratom ingestion in humans. This product is sold with no directions or intended use. Content on this page does not claim or intend to claim any verifiable or beneficial use in humans.

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