Buying Right: The Mark of Quality Kratom

The most important factor in buying a kratom product is that it should be organic. Experts have pointed out the danger inherent in kratom that has been mixed with artificial foreign chemicals. Therefore, you must be certain that the kratom product you are buying is organic.

First of all, this means that the kratom tree must have been cultivated organically. Essentially, that includes not using any foreign chemicals, particularly the ones that are potentially toxic like even pesticides and herbicides. This is the main reason why the best kratom producers use organic growing methods that ensure the proper development of the trees without having to resort to chemicals. 

However, that is not all. After all, many of these blended kratom products become so during the processing stage. Some producers add foreign products and chemicals, even artificial alkaloids, in order to ‘boost’ the effects of these products. What you should consider is that the safety of such products is not guaranteed. When it comes to kratom and other similar herbs, quality is naturalness. 

Yet, even that does not end things and does not guarantee that you are buying quality kratom. If you are buying from a store (local stores, dispensaries, and herb sellers, etc.) you need to be sure that you are buying quality kratom. One, some of these store owners add foreign elements to their kratom to increase the quantity for more sales. Two, many of the kratom products sold at these local stores are improperly stored, thereby increasing the risk of some of them going bad. If you have read our article on proper kratom storage on this blog, you probably already know that kratom requires strict storage conditions to remain safe and of high quality. 

Where does this leave kratom buyers now? Most kratom lovers turn to kratom producers directly to buy from them. Many people buy bulk organic kratom so that they can have enough kratom for a long time. These kratom producers, like WayMoreNaturals, are trusted because they have been in the business for years and their methods are reliable. 

For one, WayMoreNaturals sources its kratom leaves from experienced farmers in Indonesia who adhere to the best standards for cultivating organic kratom trees. Following that, the leaves are processed in the US and stored in a climate-controlled clean room until the products are ready to be shipped out. The integrity of the process has endeared kratom lovers to WayMoreNaturals. 

Beyond any single company though, the true mark of quality organic kratom is the certificate of assessment. We say this because all other previous processes take place behind the scenes. When a company tells you that their kratom product is 100% organic, there is no way you can really tell. However, one way is through the certificate of assessment, issued after a kratom product has been lab-tested

To ensure that you are getting only quality kratom, always request a certificate of assessment from the seller. The test should have been conducted by a third-party laboratory and must show that the kratom product contains no artificial chemicals that may compromise the quality of the kratom and your own safety. 



Meanwhile, with WayMoreNaturals, you can rest assured that you are getting only quality kratom products. All our products are tested by a third-party lab and certified safe, in addition to being completely organic. Check out our store today to find the best kratom products to purchase right away. 


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