Can you Buy Kratom at Walmart?

Walmart needs no introduction. This is a multinational retail corporation consisting of a massive chain of retail stores. The company has been in operation since the 1960s and the brand is nothing short of a household name here in the United States and even in other countries. A Walmart store is the place to find anything whatsoever you need from regular groceries to clothing items and wellness products. Therefore, the answer to the question ‘can you buy kratom at Walmart’ seems like an obvious yes at first. Some might even regard the question as unnecessary.

Therefore, it would come as a rude shock to many that no, you cannot buy kratom at Walmart. That is absolutely correct. You cannot buy kratom products at Walmart for the same reason you cannot buy kratom at GNC, Walgreens, or other popular retail chains, including the ones that focus on nutritional and wellness products. There is no clear reason for this; however, we will get to the details in a bit.

  • Walmart may be avoiding stocking kratom products because of uncertainty concerning the legality of kratom. All over the United States, from federal to state and city council levels, there are debates over whether kratom should be fully legalized, partially restricted, or out rightly banned. If it turns out that kratom gets banned in most places, Walmart would record a loss on their kratom products.
  • Many people are still doubtful of the safety of kratom. In fact, that is why its legal status is still a contention. Hence, Walmart may refuse to stock kratom in order to avoid lawsuits that may arise from selling potentially unsafe products that may lead to health issues on the part of the consumer. So, the fear of incurring legal liabilities may be preventing Walmart from offering kratom for sale. 
Considering that the concerns mainly border on safety, it is very crucial to address those concerns……

There is enough evidence and scientific backup to prove that kratom is safe. Most of the distrust for kratom arises from a misunderstanding of the herb. That is understandable because it has only been a few years since kratom was introduced to the west. Before now, the herb was only the preserve of its native Southeast Asia origins. However, many more people are getting educated about the herb.

It is worth pointing out that currently, kratom is legal in at least 45 states of the USA, at least for adults. The states, cities, and counties that have outlawed kratom within their various jurisdictions are only a handful combined.

More so, kratom is federally legal. And while we have seen various efforts to criminalize kratom possession, sale, and consumption over the years, the reality is that the herb keeps gaining acceptance. Instead of an outright ban, most governments are imposing laws to regulate access to kratom and only quality fresh kratom. 

In addition

You need to watch out for yourself. Quality kratom is not hard to find, but there are many fakes out there that you have to be very careful. Even though you cannot purchase kratom at Walmart, there are still trusted stores, gas stations, smoke shops, and online vendors that you can obtain fresh kratom products from.

Just make sure that the kratom product you purchase is organic. That is, it is free of any foreign chemical which may contaminate its naturalness. It is not uncommon for certain local stores today to include additives in their kratom products to ‘enhance’ their effects. That is a potentially dangerous practice and you must avoid such. Kratom is still being explored and there are still grey areas concerning its interaction with other chemicals. Therefore, it is best to stay safe by only going for organic fresh kratom.

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