Does Kratom Expire

To ensure dried kratom powder retains its benefits and you get to enjoy this product to its fullest, it is important to store kratom powder properly. So you may be wondering whether kratom can expire. Here at WayMoreNaturals, we will cover any questions you may have about the expiration, shelf life, and degradation of kratom. Finding out everything you need to know about this type of herb will help you to gain the best use of this product!

Does Kratom Expire?

Yes, kratom can expire. Kratom comes from a plant which means similar to any other living material, it will decay naturally over time. However, when properly preserved and dried, it will last for a long time.

Think about the herbs you use in your kitchen. Most people are not aware that the spices that they buy will eventually expire. Even well-preserved herbs will eventually lose their aroma and flavor. Have you ever tried using herbs that are a few years old, only to discover they didn’t enhance your food and even left behind an unpleasant and stale flavor? Or maybe you tried to make a cup of your favorite tea from a teabag that was lying around in your pantry for a long time, only to discover that the tea had lost all its flavor and caffeine?

The same thing can happen when it comes to kratom. Kratom that is expired won’t produce the desired effects or have a fresh aroma.

There are also specific types of effects that may cause kratom powder to expire. Exposure to air or oxygen may cause alkaloid mitragynine that is present in kratom to start degrading into a substance that is a lot less effective.

How Long Can Kratom Last?

The answer to this question can be slightly complex since it will depend on various factors:

  • The kratom strain
  • How the kratom was preserved (for example, capsules, liquid, or dried powder)
  • In what humidity, light, and temperature the kratom is stored at
  • The type of container that the kratom is stored in
  • Where you purchased the kratom from

In general, kratom powder will not expire when stored in an optimal condition for 1 to 3 months. If your whole family is using kratom every day, you probably won’t need to worry about the product expiring when you are buying kratom regularly and you have followed the correct storage advice.

When it comes to liquid kratom and kratom capsules, the manufacturing processes can vary. There aren’t any universal instructions that we can suggest when it comes to these types of products, since they vary so widely. So look for this information on the label of the product that you have purchased. Regardless of what type of kratom you have purchased, refer to the shelf-life information on the package.

What If Kratom Has Expired?

Kratom that has expired won’t have the same potency. If you are using a kratom product after the shelf-life expiry date, you probably won’t be experiencing the benefits that have made this product so popular, including:

  • An mood-boosting
  • A soothing and calm feeling
  • An uplifting effects

However, if your kratom has gone moldy, this can make you sick. Avoid using kratom that is moldy or has been exposed to water or moisture. Do not risk trying to scrape the mold away, since the kratom could contain invisible, microscopic spores that are harmful.

What Is The Best Way To Preserve And Store Kratom?

Dried kratom can be stored in the same way that you store tea leaves or fine herbs. To make sure your kratom does not expire before it should, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Store the kratom in a dry, cool place
  • Don’t refrigerate or freeze kratom, since this will introduce moisture which can lead to mold
  • Keep kratom out of direct UV light
  • Store your kratom in a dry airtight container to lower exposure to oxygen
  • Buy your kratom from a high-quality, trusted supplier
  • Do not mix new and old kratom together, rather use separate containers, or wash out the old container first

This is only a brief introduction to how to store kratom properly. To stop your kratom from expiring before it should refer to our more detailed guide on the correct way to store kratom.

Purchase Your Kratom From A Reliable And Trusted Source

To make sure your kratom stays fresh for the longest possible time, only buy these products from trusted sources. High-quality kratom will have the longest shelf life.

WayMoreNaturals is one of the best kratom retailers that focus on safe transportation and storage to make sure your kratom arrives in an optimal condition at your door. At WayMoreNaturals our kratom is sourced from a highly trusted supplier to ensure purity and quality control with each batch. When you purchase kratom from WayMoreNaturals, you can be sure that you will experience the best benefits associated with this amazing plant without having to worry that the product will expire before it should.

We hope our guide has provided you with the information that you need further than just covering the answer on whether kratom can expire. If you would like more info on this outstanding plant, read over our Kratom blog, to find out how this product can contribute to your overall happiness and wellness!

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