How to Get Kratom From a Trusted Supplier

Kratom has slowly risen in popularity all over the US, attracting the attention of important stakeholders in the process. With its new-found fame, though, comes the challenges of finding a reliable supplier and ensuring that the market is rid of counterfeit kratom. The latter is the work of the regulators. But it is your responsibility to find a reliable kratom supplier. 

It is not hard to find a trusted kratom supplier if you look in the right places and consider the right factors. In this article, you would find an explanation of the major factors that mark out a kratom supplier as trustworthy. 

Kratom Cultivation Location

Quality kratom comes from Southeast Asia. What about kratom cultivated here in America, one may ask. To that, the answer is that kratom grown in the US should be viewed as a red flag. 

The truth is that kratom is very location-selective. It requires a humid, tropical environment and that’s why the Southeast Asian countries of Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc; provide the optimal conditions for proper kratom growth. 

The US is too cold to be optimal for kratom growth. And it matters a lot that the best kratom plants are cultivated in the forests in the temperate regions of islands in Southeast Asia such as Bali, Borneo, Sumatra, and so on. The tropical climate of this environment encourages the production of useful alkaloids in the plant. If a kratom plant had been grown in the US, you would know because its alkaloid profile would be very weak. 

That is enough reason to not trust a kratom plant or product that had been cultivated here in the United States. If you search around for the most reputable kratom vendors, you would find that their kratom leaves are sourced directly from kratom farms in Southeast Asia. However, the processing of the leaves into powder, capsules, extracts, etc; as well as subsequent packaging takes place in the US. Here at WayMoreNaturals, we have established close-knit relationships with local farmers in order to ensure that we get premium quality kratom raw materials. 

Organic Cultivation

It is not enough that kratom plants had been cultivated in Southeast Asia. It is only enough when you can confirm that the right methods have been applied. And when it comes to kratom cultivation, the right method is completely organic.

Cultivating kratom organically means that no chemical or any other artificial additives have been used. That includes pesticides and herbicides. There may be good intentions behind using them. But the truth is that the toxins present in those chemicals are harmful to herbs such as kratom and also to the health of the people who would take them. 

Therefore, you must consider that the kratom plants must have been cultivated using a sustainable, chemical-free technique. This is not just a matter of quality; it is a matter of safety, and that is far more important.

Kratom Storage and Processing

Kratom can usually last for a month even under suboptimal storage conditions. If the storage conditions are perfect though, they can last for a year or more. However, kratom leaves start to lose significant parts of their quality after a month, irrespective of the storage conditions applied. 

That is why it is important to know how your kratom has been stored and for how long. In addition to the length of storage, kratom storage conditions vary by strain groups. White-veined kratom strains are stored indoors and in darkness; but red-veined kratom strains require outdoor storage, under the full glare of the sunlight. Green-veined kratom, breaking from the norm, must be first stored indoors, and then taken outdoors to complete the drying process. 

Kratom is a very sensitive plant. A slight change in conditions such as temperature, oxygen supply, light, or even the surrounding odor can affect its quality negatively. You should only trust suppliers/vendors that have employed the utmost carefulness to preserve the quality of the kratom products. Here at WayMoreNaturals; all our kratom is stored in a climate-controlled cleanroom in order to ensure that they remain of the highest quality. 

Kratom Purity

Sometimes, kratom suppliers intentionally try to enhance the effects of their products with chemical additives. They may mean well, but it is still a risky process and you must be wary.

Research into kratom is still ongoing. Therefore, we still can’t ascertain the reaction of kratom with foreign chemicals and whether this is safe or otherwise in the industry. This is another reason that kratom must be kept organic, not just during cultivation but throughout processing.

In fact, kratom products must maintain their naturalness up to packaging. For instance, here at WayMoreNaturals, we use all resources available to us to ensure that all our kratom products are free from all kinds of adulteration and contamination. We never supplement our kratom with any additional ingredients. And we do not recommend that you purchase kratom from a supplier who does otherwise. 

It is in your best interest to ensure that the kratom you purchase is 100% pure and comes from a trusted supplier. Even if you want anything added to it, it is better that you add it yourself rather than let the supplier decide for themselves. 

Lab Testing

There is no proof of a trustworthy kratom supplier like the evidence of lab testing, which is a certificate of analysis. The certificate of analysis shows the chemical components of the kratom product, which allows you to assess the alkaloid content of the product and also determine that it does not contain any harmful chemicals such as heavy metals and so on. 

Kratom buyers are always encouraged to request a verifiable certificate of analysis from any vendor that supplies them kratom. Normally, the certificate of analysis should be displayed publicly and made available on request. For the COA should be valid, it must come from a lab that is government-certified and is a true third-party; that is, it has no relationship whatsoever with the kratom supplier. 

Lab testing, with the certificate of analysis, is compulsory because you cannot simply believe what a vendor says at face value. Beyond the claims by the word of mouth and on their website, you need physical proof to back up such words. 


WayMoreNaturals is a transparent kratom company that is trusted by several thousands of kratom enthusiasts around the United States. We welcome all our customers (including prospective ones) to request certificates of analysis for whichever kratom product they want to purchase. To do so, you may kindly fill the contact form on this page and we would not hesitate to get back to you. 

WayMoreNaturals is the most trusted supplier of kratom that you would find in the United States. 

We have been operating for years now and we serve customers all over the country. WayMoreNaturals is a premium kratom company that is committed to the satisfaction and wellbeing of our kratom customers everywhere. 

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