Organic Kratom Samples

Organic kratom samples are usually free. And in fact, you should be wary of kratom samples that are not free. In some cases, the vendor may advertise a free sample that is really not free because there are underlying charges. That is enough red flag. You can use kratom samples to sort through the pack and distinguish authentic vendors from the less-reliable ones. After all, the purpose of a free sample is to test a vendor’s products; that’s if the vendor really trusts in their own products. And which vendor will require payment for you to enjoy a trial? The obvious answer: none.

Normally, organic kratom samples serve the following main purposes:

  • As a test of confidence in a vendor’s products
  • As a personal kratom exploration venture

Organic Kratom Samples as Tests of Confidence

There is a reason that most free kratom samples are offered by the most reputable kratom vendors. And when you notice free samples from a low-quality vendor, you would almost always observe one red flag or the other. As a new customer, there are only two main practical ways to build trust in a vendor: a certificate of assessment, and a free sample. Both are the cases when you are not just taking a vendor’s claims at face value. 

Lab results is handed after a lab test and should be publicly available. It gives information about the laboratory that conducted the test (it must be third-party, the chemical composition of the product, and the contents of the product (to ascertain purity). 

Does the quality of the kratom product match the vendor’s claims? Do the effects of that kratom product match the vendor’s claims and other similar products (usually of the same strain) that you have tried in the past? Those are some important questions to ask as you try out free ORGANIC KRATOM samples. 

Organic Kratom Samples for Personal Exploration

Kratom samples are not only useful when you are looking for a new kratom vendor. They are also useful for existing customers too in the personal exploration of various strains of kratom. Different strains of kratom offer varying effects and it is only by trying them out that you will determine the true effects of each strain of kratom. How else will you know if a particular kratom strain is right for you?

It is very helpful to request free samples of a new kratom strain that you are about to purchase in order to understand the effects of that strain. That’s obviously better than simply purchasing a full dose (without a prior trial) and regretting later on if its effects do not suit you. As a kratom lover, the desire to try out new strains will always linger, especially as long as new strains keep coming out. For instance, there was nothing like yellow (or gold) kratom a few years back; now, it’s everywhere. 

As you get free samples though, be wary of common red flags, such as vendors offering old kratom products as ‘free’ samples. Be careful that you are not being deceived. When you receive free organic kratom samples, check carefully for signs of improper storage such as mold growth and a strange odor. In essence, hold your free kratom samples to the same quality standards as regular kratom purchases. That is why you should only try out free organic kratom samples from reputable companies. 

WayMoreNaturals Organic Kratom Samples

At WayMoreNaturals, we have plans to satisfy everyone, whether you are a new or returning customer. As a new customer, you are entitled to two free kratom samples. Each package is 10-gram each if you are ordering kratom powder. For capsules, you would get a 4ct package of premium organic kratom capsules. And you are free to select from different strains. This is to allow you to compare the effects of one strain against the other and determine which one is the best fit for you. 

If you are an existing customer, you are not left out. Although, instead of two samples, you are entitled to only one sample. That sample is also a 10-gram package for kratom powder or a 4ct package for kratom capsules. You can use it to try out new strains that we introduce so as to be among the first to taste a fresh experience. 

Offering free samples is our way of reassuring customers that we will only ever sell the best organic kratom capsules and powder. There is no specific bulk kratom sample plan; but kratom wholesale dealers can take advantage of the arrangement above in a similar fashion. 

Whatever strain you want, it is available. Red-veined or white-veined, green-veined or yellow kratom. Likewise, we have all these in various strains: Malay, Borneo, Thai, Indo, Elephant, Dragon, Chocolate, Bentanguie, and many others. You are welcome to try them out by making an order on our website. 


When you order a free organic kratom sample from WayMoreNaturals, there are no hidden charges at all, except for the cost of delivery for you to cover. Likewise, by ordering a free sample, rest assured that you are not inadvertently entering into any implicit or explicit agreement to purchase any other product. We at WayMoreNaturals totally trust in the quality of our work reflected in the efficacy of our products to convince you of why WayMoreNaturals should be your go-to kratom vendor. 


This product has not been approved by the FDA for human or animal use. The FDA has issued warnings about Kratom ingestion in humans. This product is sold with no directions or intended use. Content on this page does not claim or intend to claim any verifiable or beneficial use in humans.

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