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If you purchase this product you will earn 12-86 Points
If you purchase this product you will earn 12-86 Points


Product Description

White Hulu Kratom is relatively new and rare. Yet, it has already taken the kratom community by storm. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you may be missing out on a very unique kratom experience!

What Is White Vein Hulu Kratom?

It is not only one of the rarest kinds of kratom. It also has an unusual name. Most kratom strains are named after their place of harvest.

However, this horned strain is different.

It’s named based on its appearance. This rare white strain has horned leaves.

Although it is rather new, it has quickly gained popularity and become an instant bestseller!

When it comes to buying this rare gem, you must be extremely careful.

Many sellers claim that they sell this kratom strain. Yet, you risk buying a fake product if you do not choose a trusted kratom vendor.

That’s because this strain comes from a new type of mature Mitragyna speciosa tree. It’s a fairly new discovery and is still very rare to find.

At WayMoreNaturals, we know this because of our close relationship with an experienced family of kratom growers. That’s also the reason why we have access to 100% authentic White Vein Hulu Kratom.

It’s grown in a perfect hillside location in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, by our trusted farmers. Because of its rarity, we receive this kratom ONLY IN LIMITED AMOUNTS.

Why Choose Our White Hulu Kratom?

Our White Hulu kratom powder comes from the leaves of White Hulu Leaf, a kratom strain that grows in  Borneo, Indonesia. White Hulu is overall awesome strain!

How Popular is White Hulu Kratom?

Customers love this strain and have made it known all over social media. Our customers have been begging us to bring this one back to the store and we’re happy to announce the return of this one-of-a-kind kratom strain. We are now importing White Hulu on a regular basis to ensure freshness and constant rotation of inventory.

What Should You Expect From This Powder?

Only get superior White Hulu kratom effects from our powder.

  • High Alkaloid Content: We only allow our growers to harvest large mature leaves. Larger leaves offer stronger kratom properties.
  • Finely Ground: All of our white powder is ground and sifted.
  • Fresh and Clean: All our kratom shipments undergo a series of laboratory tests. It is a part of our standard quality measures.
  • Quality Assured: Our farmers organically grow trees. Then, they dry leaves indoors to prevent any contamination.

What You Don’t Know About White Hulu Kratom

This illustrious strain is named after its distinguishable horn-like shape leaves.

A 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

At WayMoreNaturals, your satisfaction is our first priority. We back all our products with a FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEED so that you can order risk free! View Policy.

This product has not been approved by the FDA for human or animal use. The FDA has issued warnings about Kratom ingestion in humans. This product is sold with no directions or intended use. Content on this page does not claim or intend to claim any verifiable or beneficial use in humans.

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