Rare strains of premium kratom

If you are an adventurous kratom enthusiast, then you should embark on this adventure to try out these rare strains of ORGANIC KRATOM you have probably never taken before. Even if you are not much of an adventurer, you could still try out one or two of them; perhaps you can encounter a kratom variety that is even better than the one you are taking now. 

Hulu Kapuas Kratom

Hulu Kratom is sometimes also known as Hulu Kapuas kratom. At WayMoreNaturals, we recognize both Hulu kratom and Kapuas kratom as two different strains, rather than merge them into one. However, both are special strains indeed. The strain is named after the forest it is cultivated in Hulu. ‘Kapuas’ is for the name of the river around the region where it is cultivated, which is the Kapuas river. Kapuas River lies in the Indonesian part of Borneo island. However, this Hulu Kapuas strain should not be confused with the Borneo strain. Hulu kratom is so rare to find that it is mostly only the green-veined variant that is available. 

Jongkong Kratom

Jongkong kratom comes from the Jongkong province in the Kapuas Hulu region in Indonesia. This strain should not be confused with the Hulu Kapuas (or Hulu, or Kapuas) kratom strain, though. Jongkong rather shares close features to Maeng Da or even Borneo kratom. If you are familiar with any of those two (as most kratom lovers already are), then you should have no problem trying out Jongkong kratom strain. Jongkong kratom is sometimes referred to as the ‘little brother’ of Horn kratom, which is discussed next.

Horn kratom

Horn kratom (or Horned kratom) is named because of a unique (but naturally occurring) mutation in kratom plants of this strain, causing their leaves to appear with rough edges with little spikes that appear like several small horns. This mutation is only noticeable in a small set of trees in the Kalimantan region. The elusiveness of this interesting feature results in the scarcity of Horn kratom variety. But it is not just the ‘horns’ that make the difference to this strain of kratom. Apparently, the effects of Horn kratom differs from the non-horned varieties as well. That is what makes it worth checking out. 

Chocolate Kratom

Chocolate kratom does not taste like chocolate, neither does it contain any cocoa. This kratom variety is so named because it comes with the rich reddish-brown color of chocolate. As such, there is only red chocolate kratom. The strong color is due to the fermentation process that this strain of organic kratom passes through. With Chocolate kratom though, you have to be careful. This strain is quite rare and some vendors, for lack of real Chocolate kratom, may mislabel other red kratom strains or even add some cocoa to the product. True, organic chocolate kratom should not taste like cocoa. Don’t fall for low-quality kratom sold as red chocolate.

Dragon Kratom 

Dragon kratom is a Thailand-based kratom variety, not to be confused with the mainstream Thai kratom strain even though the appearance and effects of both varieties can be quite similar. It is also commonly known as Red Dragon kratom, due to its red color. Although you can distinguish its appearance from Chocolate kratom because the latter appears in a darker shade of red. There are sparkling reviews testifying to the versatility and efficiency of the dragon kratom variety. 

Kali Kratom

Kali Kratom is sometimes referred to as the ‘original kratom’. The name ‘Kali’ is the short form of Kalimantan, which is Indonesia’s portion (amounting to 73%) of the massive cross-country Borneo island. Again, Kali kratom should not be confused with Borneo kratom. Kali Kratom is an old variety of kratom that is not as popular as it used to, though it still delivers the same excellent, classic effects that are much sought-after by kratom lovers all over. 

Riau Kratom

Riau is a province of Indonesia located on the central-eastern coast of the Sumatra island. That is where this Riau strain of kratom is gotten from and named after. It is sometimes mistaken for Sumatra kratom. In fact, it used to be sold under the Sumatra kratom category. However, Riau is unique in its own way, especially since it is a newer strain. Though this variety is still relatively new and emerging, demand for it is through the roofs. It is definitely worth trying out. 

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WayMoreNaturals remains the top source of ORGANIC KRATOM throughout the United States. All these rare strains highlighted above are completely natural strains of kratom. We do not enhance our kratom in any way. Visit our store for kratom powder or kratom capsules of any strain you desire. 


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