Selecting The Finest Organic Kratom Strains Available

This might be especially difficult for beginners, many of whom even struggle to understand how kratom strains are categorized. But even established members of the kratom community as well may face challenges selecting a suitable strain, particularly when they seek some fresh experience.

If you are not a beginner, you already know that organic kratom strains are classified according to the color of the veins of their leaves (white, red, and green) and then according to noticeable physical attributes (such as Elephant kratom, for its large drooping leaves). 

How does one begin selecting organic kratom strains? It’s important to start with the highly popular, weaker strains before going on to the strong ones. However, one should start by choosing the right vendor. Though kratom strains have different features, the differences are often mild. And by choosing the right vendor who sells quality organic kratom, you are always on the better side, regardless of the strain you choose. 

However, we have included some high-quality kratom strains that you need to definitely check out. The list is limited to three because the topic says the finest organic kratom strains. Of course, every kratom product in the WayMoreNaturals store, but these three strains definitely stand out. 

  • Maeng Da Kratom: the literal interpretation of ‘maeng da’ from Thai is pimp grade, which simply means something that is of very good quality. Therefore, Maeng Da kratom has always been known in the kratom circles to be a truly elegant strain. Maeng Da kratom plants are cultivated through grafting, which allows them to absorb nutrients from the different grafted plant tissues. In short, this combination of quality transforms the plant into a truly potent strain. One can start with Green Maeng Da in particular.

  • Super White Borneo: there is a true reason to be very specific here. Everyone knows about Borneo kratom and that it is of impressive quality, especially the White Borneo strain. However, the Super White Borneo strain is the strongest kratom strain in the Borneo family. Hence the addition of ‘super’ in its name. It is also one of the rarer kratom strains but that serves to make them even more attractive.

  • Bali Kratom: Bali kratom is one of the commonest kratom strains. Of course, its name and the plant itself are derived from Bali, Indonesia’s foremost tourist center with delightful landscapes. Hence, the Bali kratom strain has a rich heritage. Particularly, the Red Bali strain is much loved by the kratom community all around the globe. For its excellent quality, Bali kratom is easy to produce and readily available. In fact, many in the community began their kratom journey with Bali kratom. 


The most important thing when selecting kratom strains is that once you have chosen a good vendor that sells only high-quality organic kratom, you should feel free to explore the different strains available in order to expose yourself to various experiences.


Beginner or not, if you are ever confused about which kratom strain to choose, you can always turn to WayMoreNaturals for guidance and assistance. One, don’t forget that we have an active online community of kratom lovers where members share tips and advice on various aspects of kratom. Surely you will find useful information on selecting the right kratom strain for you. 

Secondly, remember too that you can use our free kratom sample options to try out different kratom strains in order to pick. Obviously, getting information about a plant is not like experiencing it directly. Therefore, these would really help you. And when you have finally made your choice, you can visit our store to make a secure purchase and receive fast delivery of your order. 



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