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Finding top kratom vendors shouldn’t be a daunting task but it seems so. There are too many fake vendors around as well as many vendors that sell substandard products. This list contains no such vendors. This is a list of 13 top kratom vendors in the USA, rated according to the quality of their product and delivery.

All the vendors listed here sell organic lab-tested products. But as you would soon find out, each is unique in its own way. And the eventual choice would be up to your personal preference or specific needs. 

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WayMoreNaturals is a premium kratom company based in Colorado but serves customers all over the country. Whatever your kratom needs are, WayMoreNaturals is more than qualified to meet them. The company has operated successfully for years, emerging as one of the top kratom producers/vendors in the United States. It has one of the most comprehensive kratom offerings with many options to choose from; all kratom strains are available including the rare yellow-veined kratom strains. 


Bulk Kratom Now



As its name implies, this company targets bulk buyers of kratom. The bulk pricing for large purchases of kratom makes their products more cost-effective. Also, they have a large selection (more than 30) of kratom strains, available in both powder and capsule forms. The Colorado-based company is relatively new in the kratom field but it has quickly and deservedly attained prominence.


Kats Botanicals



Kats Botanicals is not about kratom alone, as they also sell other herbal products such as CBD, turmeric, shilajit, etc. They take pride in their wide selection of strains available, which includes very unpopular kratom strains such as Spacebird, Super Green, The Wedge, JingKong, etc. If you want to break the norms to try out something really different, then Kats Botanicals should satisfy you. The company is located in Florida and is a trusted source of kratom for many.


Kratom Crazy



This North Carolina-based kratom company has a straight forward process for kratom purchases. You won’t find flashy kratom strains or enhanced kratom products on their store website; but you would definitely find the good old strains of Borneo, Bali, Thai, Horn, etc. For simple but elegant kratom purchases, Kratom Crazy is a great choice.


Get Kratom



Get Kratom is based in Pennsylvania and was founded in 2007, making it the oldest established vendor on this list.  This vendor also sells ground leaves kratom, which most vendors don’t. It also offers some special deals and exclusive offers (such as sample packs) that are sure to attract buyers. Get Kratom sells enhanced kratom blends but still makes sure that they are all-natural, like all their other kratom selections.


The Golden Monk



The Golden Monk is GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practice) by the American Kratom Association. That means you can trust that their kratom has been cultivated in a safe environment and with proper equipment. Unlike most companies that offer free shipping on offers over $100, The Golden Monk’s free shipping begins at $50. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, The Golden Monk is indeed a customer-friendly company with its loyalty program to reward customers, rare opportunities such as private packaging, and many special deals available.


Top Extracts


Top Extracts is the top choice for kratom extracts specifically, though they also sell kratom powder and capsule products. And it doesn’t just have kratom extracts only but other extracts (CBD) are available as well. In addition to its registration with the American Kratom Association, it is also registered with the American Herbal Products Association. This is another customer-friendly company, with a points system to reward its most loyal customers. It even accepts payments via bitcoin. 


O. P. M. S. Kratom



Fully known as Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions (OPMS), this company has been in the kratom industry since 2010. It prides itself on its unique extraction process: cold water extraction and its all-natural products. O. P. M. S. has mainly capsules, extracts, and liquid kratom available. However, the prices of its products seem to be on the high side and the company does not sell in bulk. 


Organic Kratom USA



Organic Kratom USA offers premium organic kratom products including powder, capsules, and variety packs at competitive prices. Their products are lab-tested and backed by a full 30-day satisfaction guarantee with free shipping available on orders above $89. Buyers have different payment options to choose from including paying cash on delivery. Not unlike WayMoreNaturals, Organic Kratom USA has a Facebook group that serves as a community for its customers and kratom enthusiasts, in general, to relate their experiences with one another and enjoy company promos and discounts.


Grounded Organics



Grounded Organics has been in the kratom business since 2015, supplying high-grade kratom powder products in different strains. The owner is strongly a natural medication/remedy advocate and started the company to fulfill that need. Besides kratom, the company also sells other herbal products made of kava and akuamma. To purchase kratom, there are wholesale and retail options depending on your need. 


Kratom Spot



Kratom Spot deals in pure, organic kratom powders, capsules, extracts, and shots. They also have wholesale deals for customers interested in bulk orders. The California-based kratom company that has been operating since 2014 and is a registered member of the American Kratom Association, certified for GMP. Kratom Spot is renowned for its excellent customer support. It is worthwhile to note that its free shipping begins at $50 orders, as against $100 for most other companies. 


Super Speciosa 



Super Speciosa is another American Kratom Association GMP-certified company that sells natural kratom of the red, green, and white strains. Its selection includes kratom powder and capsules as well as kratom tea-bags. This innovation is commendable as kratom tea is one major method of application of kratom in its Southeast Asian origins that has not gained full embrace in America.


Coastline Kratom



Coastline Kratom is newly-established but it has quickly gained prominence in the US due to its high-quality kratom powder and capsule products, some of which have been enhanced to produce superior effects. Also, Coastline Kratom sells live kratom plants that customers can purchase to grow kratom in their own yard or garden. Note anyway that kratom grows best in tropical temperatures, meaning that our frigid temperature here in the United States does not provide the optimal conditions for kratom growth.



Quality kratom is not hard to get but you have to look in the right places. That’s what this guide has helped you to do: figure out the right places.

The pick of this list is, of course, WayMoreNaturals, our premium organic kratom company. We pride our company on our completely organic cultivation, production, and packaging process and safety-engineered equipment which enables us to deliver superior kratom products to our customers all over the United States. Our products are not only crafted to deliver 100% satisfaction; they are also completely safe for use. 

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