2021 Updated List! Best Place to Buy Kratom

1. WayMoreNaturals


Whatever your kratom needs are, WayMoreNaturals is more than qualified to meet them. We have operated successfully for years, emerging as one of the top kratom producers/vendors in the United States. We have available bulk organic kratom in as many varieties as you can think of. Right on this website, you can select the product variety you want and make a secure order. Or you can visit our office right here in Colorado. The latter option gives you the chance to assess our facilities and verify our claims, which you will definitely find true. WayMoreNaturals is a premium kratom company loved by many. 


2. GetKratom



GetKratom is one of the oldest vendors on this list, having been founded in 2007 in Pennsylvania. It mainly offers kratom powder and has an extensive list of strains that customers can choose from. Many kratom distributors do not sell Ground Leaf kratom, but GetKratom does. GetKratom keeps its products all-natural, including the enhanced ones, which are a blend of two different kratom strains rather than composed of synthetic materials as some other kratom companies do. To make a choice of which strain to select, customers can order sample packs.


3. Kraken Kratom


Kraken Kratom deals in high-quality kratom powder, capsules, and extracts in various strains. One unique feature is its activity-specific kratom products, such as workout supplements. Kraken Kratom is based in Oregon and has been in the kratom industry since 2014. It has a community program, not unlike ours at WayMoreNaturals, that allows customers to learn more about kratom through community-exclusive articles. Kraken Kratom is active in kratom advocacy, as the push continues to see kratom legalized in all states and counties in America.


4. Kratom Spot


Kratom Spot is a California-based kratom company that has been in existence since 2014. The company deals in pure, organic kratom powders, capsules, extracts, and shots. They also have wholesale deals for customers interested in bulk orders. It is a registered member of the American Kratom Association. Also, there is excellent customer support as well as free shipping for orders that exceed $50. 


5. Super Speciosa


Super Speciosa is another American Kratom Association GMP-certified company that sells natural kratom of the red, green, and white strains. Its selection includes kratom powder and capsules as well as tea-bags. Kratom tea is one major method of application of kratom in its Southeast Asian origins that has not gained full embrace in America. This company’s innovation is, therefore, commendable. 


6. Coastline Kratom


One of the newest established kratom companies on this list, Coastline Kratom has quickly established itself as a big industry player as far as the kratom market is concerned. Coastline Kratom has an office in North Carolina as well as two other offices in the EU: Lisboa, Portugal, and Ireland. Kratom powder and capsules from this company are of high quality. Besides its regular offerings, Coastline Kratom even sells live kratom plants so that customers may be able to plant kratom on their own. Take note, though, that kratom requires a tropical environment to survive and the cold here is already a sub-optimal condition. 


7. PurKratom


PurKratom is one of the most popular kratom companies in the United States. This company has stores across the country in Texas, North Carolina, Missouri, Florida, etc. It is a registered member of the American Kratom Association and is GMP-approved. Its selections comprise mainly of kratom powder and capsules in all the major veined strains, as well as a ‘variety pack’. PurKratom has thousands of positive reviews testifying to its quality.


8. Amazing Botanicals


Amazing Botanicals deals in other herbal products such as CBD, but kratom is its major stock in trade. It has available different strains of kratom in powder, capsules, and extracts. It accepts wholesale orders (from 20kg upwards) and bulk buyers can get a special discount. The company boasts of its all-natural kratom products and guarantees customers satisfaction via a 30-day return policy. The United States’ office of Amazing Botanicals is located in Hollywood, Florida while it has an EU office at Lisboa, Portugal.


9. The Golden Monk

This is another AKA-certified (American Kratom Association) and GMP-approved kratom vendor. The Las Vegas, Nevada-based kratom company has great customer support and benefits such as free shipping on orders above $50. The Golden Monk kratom company features a decent selection of kratom powder and capsules. And customers can buy bulk kratom products at cheaper prices. Besides, it also runs other special deals, including a loyalty points program to reward its most loyal customers. 


10. Top Extracts


According to its name, this is a company for predominantly kratom extracts, even though it also sells kratom powder and capsules. It is necessary to point out that it is not just a kratom company as it offers CBD and other botanical products for sale too. It is thus also registered with the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), alongside its registration with AKA. However, it is more popular for kratom than for any other product. An innovative company based in Illinois, Top Extracts is one of the few kratom vendors that accept bitcoin payments. Also, it has a points system to reward loyal customers. 


These are some of the best kratom vendors you would find in the United States. You can rest assured of the quality and the safety of their products. Enjoy!

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