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If you are looking to purchase products from premium kratom distributors across the Nation, then this guide is for you. 

Kratom leaves (derived from the Mitragyna speciosa tree) are native to Southeast Asia, specifically in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Burma, and Papua New Guinea. Kratom, which belongs to the coffee family, has featured in the traditions of the indigenous peoples of these locations since the nineteenth century. Lately, kratom has made its way to the United States and it has been fast embraced across the country. 

This is a compilation of five major brands in the United States involved in kratom production and distribution. But before diving into the assessment of the brands themselves, let’s look into the factors that have been considered in selecting these top kratom distributors.

How are these companies rated?

  • Quality: for a kratom distributor to be among the top in the nation, its products must be of the highest quality. The kratom products may not be completely organic (though most are) but they must have been produced under the best circumstances and tested by a certified third-party lab.
  • Popularity: can’t be really said to be a top kratom distributor if your brand is not popular in the country, no? Popularity is not a marker of quality, but together with quality, it proves that a kratom company is worth its mettle. But we didn’t just look to the most popular kratom distributors alone; we focused on positive popularity. As a brand/person can be negatively popular too, the brands featured here are those that have garnered positive reviews, some of which are posted here too.
  • Customer Service and Special Offers: a brand is not complete without excellent customer service. In preparing this list, consideration has been made of kratom distributors with the best customer service. Also, the article highlights the special features that make each brand stand out such as bitcoin payments, community engagement, rewards systems, etc.



1. WayMoreNaturals

WayMoreNaturals is a premium kratom company based in Colorado but serves customers all over the country. It has one of the most comprehensive kratom offerings with many options to choose from; all kratom strains are available including the rare yellow-veined kratom strains. All its kratom products are completely organic, being cultivated naturally (without pesticides, herbicides, or any other chemicals) and processed in a climate-controlled clean room, away from elements of adulteration and contamination. It also has excellent customer service, particularly in the establishment of a community of kratom users who share their experiences with each other and with whom the company shares notices of exclusive deals, special offers, and product launches.

Review: I’m never surprised anymore that every single thing I buy from WayMoreNaturals is of the best quality and helps in the ways I’ve come to expect. This one is no different. It does exactly what I need it to do. I will say it’s rather potent so a lil bit does a lot! That’s good economically as well!! Thank you waymorenaturals for another great and potent product! As usual Read more about, you Rock!!! That’s probably why I’ve been with y’all for so long.. Lol – Tammy R. Contact WayMoreNaturals



2. The Golden Monk



The Golden Monk is an AKA-certified (American Kratom Association) kratom vendor with its full adoption of required GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. Golden Monk allows customers free shipping when they request orders beyond $50. Besides, it also runs other special deals, including a loyalty points program to reward its most loyal customers. The Las Vegas, Nevada-based kratom company has a friendly customer support team and uses private packaging to send out its orders, amidst other benefits.

Review: I’ve made several purchases with Golden Monk and have been pleased with the service and product. Usually decent prices (but be sure to look for discounts during the holidays) and ships within just a few days. GM is my go-to kratom supplier. – Suncown2046  Contact The Golden Monk


3. Top Extracts



This company also deals in other kratom forms such as powder and capsules, but its flagship products are kratom extracts. Most kratom companies don’t usually have kratom extracts available. But Top Extracts is a wellness company with a broad scope. Even beyond kratom extracts, it also deals in CBD and other botanical products. Like The Golden Monk, Top Extracts also has a points system to reward loyal customers. Another interesting feature of Top Extracts is its payment options, as it has a couple of them and even accepts payments via bitcoin.

Review: Great kratom for an excellent price! Customer service is top-notch as always. Very reliable vendor. I use white Borneo for that little bit of extra step in the mornings. I highly recommend it! – Gina G. Contact Top Extracts


4. Coastline Kratom



This is one of the newest kratom companies in the US that have fast established themselves among the very best. Coastline Kratom sells high-quality kratom powder and capsule products. But its products are not entirely organic. It has a line of kratom products that have been chemically enhanced. Mind you, this does not necessarily make them harmful. Besides that, Coastline Kratom sells live kratom plants. That is, customers can indeed contact Coastline Kratom to purchase small kratom plants to grow personally in their home or garden. Note, though, that our frigid temperature here in the United States does not provide the optimal conditions for kratom growth.

Review: If you’re looking at buying kratom, then Coastline Kratom is a company name you’re going to come across pretty rapidly. There’s a reason for that. They are one of the most trusted, and largest, kratom vendors in the USA.  Contact Coastline Kratom


5. Kraken Kratom



Kraken Kratom deals in high-quality kratom powder, capsules, and extracts in various strains. It also produces kratom products tailored specifically to certain activities, such as workouts. Like Coastline kratom, it also accepts multiple payment methods including bitcoin. However, unlike many other kratom companies, Kraken Kratom does not service bulk orders neither does it deal in wholesales. Kraken Kratom provides a community for kratom enthusiasts to learn about topics relating to kratom by reading community-exclusive articles. The Portland, Oregon-based kratom company is one of the older players in the kratom game, having been established back in 2014. It is GMP-certified by the American Kratom Association and continues to be a leading voice in kratom advocacy. 

Review: I have used Kraken for almost 2 years, they have the best quality! I have tried two other companies (a couple different products) and they were not comparable at all to Kraken! Wonderful and quick customer service, even if you make the mistake – Fawn Z. Contact Kraken Kratom


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