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Kratom, otherwise known as Mitragyna speciosa (its scientific name), is a popular herbal supplement originating from Southeast Asia. You probably knew this already. The rise of kratom as a herbal supplement in the United States has attracted stakeholders and the populace likewise. Likewise, it has led to the emergence of many kratom companies and vendors hoping to meet the growing demand for the herb in the States. One of these companies, Kingdom Kratom, is reviewed in this article. 

Kingdom Kratom is a San Antonio, Texas-based kratom vendor that supplies customers all over the United States. This review highlights some of the most important and unique features that have attracted the interest of kratom enthusiasts in the company. 

Kingdom Kratom Wide Variety

Upon opening Kingdom Kratom’s online store, a visitor would instantly note the wide array of kratom products available. There are kratom powder and capsule products in all the popular veined types, including Yellow kratom. Likewise, it has available many kratom strains from Borneo and Vietnam to Thai and Maeng Da; as well as far less popular strains such as Velvet, Horn, and Bentuagie. 

In addition, Kingdom Kratom offers other forms of kratom like crushed kratom leaves, kratom extracts, and edible kratom gummies. There are also rare types of kratom such as the chocolate kratom powder in the fermented kratom category. Part of what makes Kingdom Kratom a top choice is the fact that it offers many unique offerings that you may not find elsewhere. 

Kingdom Kratom Deals and Promos

Kingdom Kratom has one of the most fantastic deals structures. There is a rewards system that starts counting once you sign up on the website; users can acquire points by taking different actions. For instance, signing up alone gives you 200 points while following the business page on any of Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter gives you 50 points each. 

Each time you rate a product, you win 50 points and then 100 points if you share the business on Facebook. Also, you gain 5 points for every dollar you spend on the store and are splashed with 200 points on your birthday. Points accumulated can be used to purchase products in the store at cheaper prices, where 100 points equal $1. 

It may take some effort to accumulate a substantial number of points. But the purpose of the entire rewards system is to encourage customers to return and to also publicize their products. The structure alone seems impressive enough.


Kingdom Kratom Customer Support/Service

Kingdom Kratom is a company that does love variety, and that applies to their payment methods as well. Customers can pay via Zelle, Mesh, Green Pay, or even mail money orders and cash payments. In addition, there is a cash on delivery option, though this is subject to confirmation to avoid confusion. Many online kratom vendors don’t allow COD. 

Besides payments, Kingdom Kratom also has a returns/refund policy that is pretty favorable to customers. Customers can return products they are not satisfied with within 30 days as long as at least 50% of the product is still intact and it is returned with the original packaging. Kingdom Kratom promises to refund such purchase with no questions asked, within 48 hours of the reception of the return. Note, though, that refunds are subject to the inspection of the returned products and approval.

Beyond that, the company also encourages customers that are returning a product to send an email about the reason for such. Although this is not obligatory, the company requests it to let them know how to forestall such bad experiences in the future. It is highly commendable when a company is interested in complaints from its customers and intent on doing better.

Kingdom Kratom Wholesales and Affiliate Programs

Kingdom Kratom has a nice plan in place to support bulk buyers of kratom, particularly those who do so for the purpose of future retail. As for wholesales customers who operate a retail company to resell the kratom products, Kingdom Kratom supports them with the necessary training and instruments (display cases, promotional materials) to boost their sales. Signing up for a wholesale program with Kingdom Kratom is not just about purchasing kratom, it is an entirely pleasant experience for the customers.

Apart from this, interested customers can sign up to become affiliates of Kingdom Kratom and earn 25 cents on every dollar from referrals. Mind you, cashout begins at $100. To ensure transparency in the process, affiliates get a dedicated link to track their referrals and conversions.

Sample Packs


Not many kratom companies have this option. Basically, sample packs allow (prospective) customers to try small amounts of different strains of kratom in order to decide which one they should order for. Sample packs are commonly given to kratom newbies who are still trying to find their way around kratom products, or those who are not new to kratom but are new to the company and need to test different samples to have a feel of the quality of the company’s kratom.

In the case of Kingdom Kratom, customers have the chance to order for a sample pack containing four different kratom strains which come in 1 oz, 2 oz, and 4 oz bag sizes; depending on your preference. Customers can even leave a note to indicate if they want multiple packs of the same strain.


Vs. WayMoreNaturals?

Kingdom Kratom has excellent service but how does it measure up to WayMoreNaturals, usually referred to as the #1 kratom company in the United States.

For one, WayMoreNaturals is a company that emphasizes the importance of community. All the deals and offers coming from the company are based on participation in the exclusive community that we provide. Our kratom community is filled with kratom enthusiasts from all over the country who discuss everything about kratom and general wellness and make friends with each other. WayMoreNaturals, in turn, accords members of its community a VIP status, regularly treating them to exclusive deals, offers, and contests. They are also prioritized in product launches, company announcements, etc.


WayMoreNaturals emphasizes the importance of the naturalness of kratom. Hence, all the kratom products that come from us are completely organic and have not been chemically fortified or enhanced in any way. To maintain the purity of our kratom, we ensure due diligence in production from cultivation to packaging. WayMoreNaturals is more than a kratom company. We are a wellness company, first and foremost; and we prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of our customers above all other factors.

Of course, other exciting features such as amazing discount bundles, excellent customer service, a secure online payment channel, a friendly refund policy, and a transparent affiliate program, among others are definitely not missing. These superior qualities are what make us head and shoulder above the many other kratom companies/vendors in the United States of America. Visit our store now for more.

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