Who has the Highest Quality Kratom in USA Today?

The kratom plant comes from Southeast Asia and is native to such countries as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and a couple of others. Kratom leaves are usually grounded into powder and packaged like that for sale or packed into capsules. The cultivation and processing of kratom tell a lot about its quality. You can only get your desired results when you purchase from the best kratom company. You must be ready to conduct thorough and extensive research to find the right company for yourself.

When it comes to kratom, or even herbs generally, quality is usually tied to safety. The proof of the quality of a kratom product boils down to these five questions:

  • How was the kratom plant cultivated and harvested?
  • How was the kratom plant stored?
  • How pure is the kratom product?
  • Is the kratom plant lab-tested?
  • What is the alkaloid content of the kratom product?

These five questions would be assessed one after the other.

1. How was the kratom plant cultivated and harvested?

Before anything, there is the question of how (and where) the kratom was planted. Normally, kratom does not do well on US soil as our cold climate does not support its growth. And any kratom sold as such should be an automatic red flag. 

Instead, kratom must be grown in its natural, humid tropical environment, of which conditions are perfect on the islands in the Southeast Asian countries of Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. It is best if the farmers use sustainable methods, not just to optimize growth and yield, but primarily to ensure quality. 

2. How was the kratom plant stored?

This is another aspect that tells the quality of the kratom. Kratom has an average shelf-life of about one month and while proper storage can extend this, kratom leaves lose a significant part of their quality after that period. 

Also, there are different storage conditions according to the strain of kratom. While white-veined kratom strains are stored indoors, their red-veined counterparts are stored outdoors. Green-veined kratom is first stored indoors, then outdoors. 

What you should know about kratom storage is that it is a very sensitive plant and a tiny change in conditions such as temperature, oxygen, light, and even the surrounding odor can degrade its quality.

3. How pure is the kratom product?

Many kratom vendors intentionally add chemical additives to their kratom, perhaps to enhance its effects. While many others use pesticides and herbicides on the kratom during cultivation. Both practices are wrong and risk compromising the safety of kratom customers.

It is not certain yet how kratom reacts with foreign chemicals and if this is safe for human beings. Also, the toxins and heavy metals present in pesticides and herbicides could pose danger for kratom customers. Hence, the emphasis in the industry on organic kratom.

To ensure quality and safety, kratom must be kept pure and organic up to the packaging stage. In fact, that is why farmers must implement sustainable practices in the cultivation of the kratom. 

4. Is the kratom plant lab-tested?

This is the physical proof of the quality and safety of the kratom. Every lab test of kratom must come with a certificate of analysis (COA) showing the chemical components of the kratom, as evidence that the product does not contain heavy metals or any other chemical toxins.



Before purchasing kratom from any producer/vendor, you must check to ensure that a verifiable certificate of analysis is available. Mind you, this certificate of analysis must come from a lab that is a third-party (has no relationship with the kratom company/vendor).

5. What is the alkaloid content of the kratom product?

This last important question is what determines the effects of the kratom  as well as the potency level. On the chemistry level, kratom is made up principally of alkaloids, of which the most abundant is Mitragynine. Mitragynine often reaches levels of 60% of the total alkaloid content and it is indeed why kratom is also called Mitragyna speciosa

The alkaloid content also varies by kratom strain and as mentioned above, determines the effects that each strain of kratom would have on the body. The lower the alkaloid content, the less potent the kratom would be.

The certificate of analysis from the lab test gives an overview of the alkaloids present in a kratom product and in what proportion. Let that influence your decision.

Highest Quality Kratom in the USA?



Some of the highest quality kratom products you would find in the United States come from WayMoreNaturals, a premium quality kratom producer based in Colorado but serving customers across the country. Let’s consider how our company holds up to the questions above. 

  • How was the kratom plant cultivated and harvested?

At WayMoreNaturals, we use the best local farmers to grow our kratom plants, which are cultivated right in their natural environment in Southeast Asia. All our farmers are suitably experienced and we do well to maintain due oversight over the cultivation so as to ensure that sustainable farming practices are maintained.

  • How was the kratom plant stored?

All our kratom, from harvest to packaging is stored in a climate-controlled clean room and does not go out at all until fully packaged and ready for sales and delivery. We have the best facilities for kratom processing as well as health-conscious employees who ensure the utmost diligence to maintain the quality of the kratom.

  • How pure is the kratom product?

Our kratom products are 100% organic. No pesticides, herbicides, foreign chemicals, heavy metals, or other toxins have been added. The safety of our customers is of the highest priority to us and we stop at nothing to ensure this. Lab-testing reveals this too. If we notice that any portion of our kratom is contaminated or adulterated, we immediately remove it. Only pure kratom products from WayMoreNaturals make it into the market.

  • Is the kratom plant lab-tested?

The answer to this question is a resounding ‘yes’. All our quality kratom products go through lab testing by a certified third-party lab. And you can request the certificate of analysis from us at any time and for any product by filling a contact form on our website.

  • What is the alkaloid content of the kratom product?

Kratom products from WayMoreNaturals offer you high alkaloid content. You can notice this yourself in the certificate of analysis for the chosen product. 


At Way More Naturals, we are committed to the wellness and safety of our customers through our organic, pure, and lab-tested kratom products. Hence, you can rest assured of the efficacy of the quality kratom that comes from Way More Naturals, the top choice kratom vendor in the United States. Visit our store to check out our beautiful menu of kratom. 

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