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When purchasing kratom online, it is complicated to know which company/brand is the right one. And this is a decision that must not be taken lightly. You can only get your desired results when you purchase from the best kratom company. You must be ready to conduct thorough and extensive research to find the right company for yourself.

We have put together this guide, explaining five major factors that you must consider in your search for the best kratom producer/vendor. 

Organic kratom

There are good reasons why kratom must be organic and pure, from the perspectives of quality and safety. Regarding safety, kratom is a newly-introduced herb and it has not been fully researched yet. Therefore, scientists can’t determine the full range of impacts it might have when combined with foreign chemicals. And so, in playing it safe, it is advisable to keep kratom pure. Some companies market kratom that has been fortified with additives, but the safety of such products is not verifiable. 

Organic Kratom is not just the safest kratom; it is also the best form of kratom. Kratom is most enjoyed when a person can experience the full range of its effects. Additives may dampen the quality of kratom and lead to less satisfaction.

Keeping kratom pure is not limited to chemical additives. It begins right from cultivation. Pesticides and herbicides, while well-intentioned, might pose harm to the plant because of the toxins in them. Thus, they should be substituted for sustainable growing techniques that preserve the purity of the kratom. Before choosing a kratom company, always ensure that their kratom has been cultivated and processed completely organically.


How can you determine the naturalness of kratom online beyond the mere words by which a kratom company makes such claims? That’s where lab testing comes in. Kratom companies send their products to labs to be tested for safety and quality assurance. Any producer/vendor that lacks this step is an automatic red flag and must be avoided. The lab that tests the kratom must fulfill the conditions below. It must be:

  • A third-party lab, that is, not affiliated with the kratom company at all.
  • A certified lab



What do the labs test? They test the purity of the kratom, noting the presence of chemical additives, heavy metals, and other such potentially harmful chemicals in the kratom. Also, they test the quality of the kratom, which basically refers to the alkaloids content. Alkaloids (particularly mitragynine) are the basic components of the kratom plant and the proportion of the alkaloid content determines how intense the effects of the kratom would be. 

The proof that a kratom online product has been lab-tested is a certificate of analysis (COA), a document that shows the chemical composition of kratom. You should be able to request a certificate of analysis for a kratom you want to purchase from the producer or vendor. Then you can confirm by yourself if that kratom is marketed correctly and right for you. 

Orders and Delivery

This is another important consideration when shopping for kratom. Here, the emphasis is not just on fast shipping/delivery (which is highly necessary, anyway) but rather on the whole experience of ordering and delivery. Here are some factors you must consider:

  • Does the company ship to your location? The best kratom companies are those that have a nationwide customer base and can ship anywhere. Of course, consider how your local kratom laws can affect this.
  • Does the company protect your financial information? This is one aspect that most people don’t give much thought to. Purchasing kratom online, you will most likely be dropping your credit/debit card details. How secure is the nature of the transaction? And what happens to that information after you make the purchase? You must find details about it in the privacy policy and terms & conditions of a company before making any order at all.


  • How does the company respond to complaints? Or more specifically, what’s their return policy like. Kratom companies that are 100% assured of the effectiveness of their products don’t have a heavily defensive return policy. In fact, they welcome customers to make complaints so that they can improve their service.
  • Can you track your order? This is not the responsibility of the kratom company per se but the channel by which they ship orders tells a lot regarding this. 

Customer Support and other perks

Buying kratom online is itself an experience. And a kratom company must be concerned with making the best of that experience. Don’t only buy kratom because of the quality or safety or speed of delivery. Assess the perks that are available to buyers. Many kratom companies run discounts. If you are eligible, such as a veteran discount, you can get to buy kratom for much lower prices. Consider, also, how the company rewards its loyal customers. 

Another area is customer support, how they listen to and respond to complaints from customers, beginning with the time to respond. You shouldn’t purchase kratom from a company that does not demonstrate that its customers are a priority. For instance, at WayMoreNaturals, we go over and beyond to our customers, providing customers with not just discounts and exclusive offers, but a community where they can learn more about kratom from the experienced ones. 


The final factor to be considered is what are other customers saying? When choosing a kratom online company for the first time, you must read several reviews to have the true picture of how efficient the company is and how good their kratom is. Note that this is beyond comments indicating how a customer loves the product, which is nice, by the way. Instead, there are specific features you must look out for in the comments, such as the following:

  • The quality of the product, regarding potency and effectiveness. Avoid ‘averagely good’ kratom. 
  • Read the negative reviews and observe how customer support responds to them.
  • Find out if customers have enjoyed the special features and perks that the brands sell and what the experience feels like if they have.
  • Finally, find out how they handle orders and deliveries. 

In all, the reviews of a company/product must match the claims of the brand.



One company that embodies all the right qualities explained above is WayMoreNaturals. We stand out because we are more than a kratom company. We are concerned about the overall satisfaction of our customers. Hence, our products are organic, with lab test results.

We at WayMoreNaturals prioritize our customers and so we provide the most amazing support, allowing our most loyal customers to enjoy exclusive deals and special offers that keep them coming back. WayMoreNaturals is proof that you can have a pleasant experience ordering kratom online, and you can do so right now when you visit our store

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