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Kratom is a commonly misunderstood herb in the United States. That’s because it had only just made its way here a few years ago and the market is growing. Before we Americans contacted kratom, the plant has enjoyed a rich history though being mostly limited to its native origin. Kratom is otherwise known as Mitragyna speciosa

The kratom plant comes from Southeast Asia and is native to such countries as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and a couple of others. 

How we produce natural, fresh kratom products


Kratom must be organic and pure because of reasons bordering on quality and safety. Kratom is a relatively new herb. That means research into it is limited and there are some things we don’t know yet, such as the full range of impacts kratom might have when combined with foreign chemicals. Hence, the main guarantee of safety for kratom products is naturalness

Of course, some vendors and producers enhance their kratom products by adding chemical supplements in order to produce some additional benefits and special effects. Nevertheless, note that that practice is not fully backed by science yet. It is always best to be on the safe side of organic, pure kratom.

Organic Kratom is also the best quality of kratom. Additives may reduce the effects of the alkaloid content of the kratom product. That is a reduction in quality and can also translate into less satisfaction. Why would anyone want that?

Keeping kratom pure is not limited to chemical additives. It begins right from cultivation. Pesticides and herbicides, while well-intentioned, might pose harm to the plant because of the toxins in them. Thus, they should be substituted for sustainable growing techniques that preserve the purity of the kratom. Before choosing a kratom company, always ensure that their kratom has been cultivated and processed completely organically.

One company that goes all out in producing fresh, organic and quality kratom products is WayMoreNaturals. We are a certified organic kratom company. Our kratom products are not only organic; they meet quality standards. 

WayMoreNaturals #1 Kratom in the USA


At WayMoreNaturals, we use the best local farmers to grow our kratom plants, which are cultivated right in their natural environment in Southeast Asia. All our farmers are suitably experienced and we do well to maintain due oversight over the cultivation so as to ensure that sustainable farming practices are maintained.

Our kratom comes directly from farmers in the Southeast Asian region. We maintain a close relationship with experienced farmers who ensure that we consistently get the best quality of kratom. Our farmers expertly prospect locations with the right soil nutrients and other growing conditions optimal in order to grow kratom sustainably. The farmers also know just the right time to harvest kratom plants to produce the desired effects.

We also monitor the cultivation of the kratom trees to ensure that there are no pesticides, herbicides, or chemical additives involved. We understand the risks of using artificial chemicals with kratom and we frown against such completely. This sustainability that we have designed helps ensure that we always put profit ahead of quality. 

All our kratom, from harvest to packaging is stored in a climate-controlled clean room and does not go out at all until fully packaged and ready for sales and delivery. We have the best facilities for kratom processing as well as health-conscious employees who ensure the utmost diligence to maintain the quality of the kratom.

Upon reception of the pure kratom plants here in the United States, we continue with the task of keeping them pure, even during the storage and processing stage. Our kratom powder and capsules are the smoothest kratoms around, due to the rigorous methods that we apply to ensure the utmost quality.

Prior to processing, all our kratom is stored and handled in a climate-controlled clean room. This greatly reduces the risks of contamination from airborne particles and organisms.

Our kratom products are 100% organic. No pesticides, herbicides, foreign chemicals, heavy metals, or other toxins have been added. The safety of our customers is of the highest priority to us and we stop at nothing to ensure this. Lab-testing reveals this too. If we notice that any portion of our kratom is contaminated or adulterated, we immediately remove it. Only pure kratom products from WayMoreNaturals make it into the market.


Lab Testing


Being the last stage before the kratom products are released into the market, this is one aspect that we take most seriously. All our kratom products are sent to a state-certified third-party lab to test for microbes, pathogens, heavy metals, and any other such unwanted chemicals. Only products that pass this test and are deemed pure are put up for sale. You can rest assured that our kratom products have not been contaminated or adulterated in any way. 

We do this to ensure the safety and the quality of our certified organic kratom products. In fact, you can confirm these claims by yourself by requesting the lab results for any of our kratom products. All our quality kratom products go through lab testing by a certified third-party lab and you can request the certificate of analysis from us at any time and for any product by filling a contact form on our website.


Excellent Customer Support


Our customers are the focus of all we do at WayMoreNaturals. We make it a duty to provide our customers with adequate support from the moment they make the first contact with us. That’s why there is a free sample offer awaiting every new customer. We understand that most of our customers are just getting introduced to kratom and so may not know which product/strain to select or how. Therefore, we allow them to try out two free 10-gram samples of kratom.

We also provide stellar support in order to fulfill our mission of 100% satisfaction for our customers. And to show you how serious we are, all orders from us come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, even for a reason such as simply changing your mind about the purchase. You can check out our return policy for more details



These are only some of the perks of shopping for kratom at WayMoreNaturals. You can visit our store to explore our wide array of kratom powder and capsules in different strains and blends, whether retail or wholesales

Our customers choose us because we put them first, with features such as same-day shipping to ensure faster delivery. When you make an order on your site, your transaction is processed securely and your order packaged as soon as possible. This is the kind of efficiency that has kept us going and made us the #1 choice of kratom company in the United States.

From our office in Colorado, we supply certified organic kratom to several states across the US and we would be more than excited to take your order next. 

At Way More Naturals, we are committed to the wellness and safety of our customers through our organic, pure, and lab-tested kratom products

Hence, you can rest assured of the efficacy of the quality kratom that comes from Way More Naturals, the top choice kratom vendor in the United States. Visit our store to check out our beautiful menu of kratom. 


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