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The Making of Kratom Capsules


First, there is the cultivation stage. Kratom comes from the Southeast Asian countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. And even with the warm reception that the herb has received in the US, our climate here does not provide a favorable condition for kratom growth. Kratom is grown deep in the forest in the tropical regions of Southeast Asian islands. In fact, most of the kratom you see on sale here in the US are imported from Southeast Asia as raw leaves, before being processed here. Kratom grown in the US cannot be said to be of superior quality.

After cultivation comes the storage and processing of the raw leaves. Both must take place in a clean room in order to limit contamination by airborne particles. At this stage, the leaves are grounded into fine particles of powder. To make the end product organic, kratom processing must be a natural process. That is, no supplements or other chemicals should be added to the kratom, whether to enhance the effects or otherwise. We still don’t know how safe it is to combine kratom with other chemicals and drugs. So, this point is very important. Only purchase organic kratom capsules. 

For the final stage; 

A filling machine is used to fill the kratom powder into the soft, thin gelatin shells that must have been prepared for kratom production. 

One aspect that many people don’t know is that you can actually make kratom by yourself at home. If you have some kratom powder around, you only need to get kratom capsule fillers (the gelatin shell) into which you will carefully pour the kratom for onward, future use. But you can’t make too many anyway. 

So, it is much easier to purchase kratom capsules from a reputable company and have them delivered to you at home. No extra effort at all besides picking up your phone or using a computer to make a purchase. Then, you wait for your order to arrive at your doorstep. 

The company you purchase organic kratom capsules from must be reputable and meet the following conditions:

  • Organic kratom only, for your safety and for quality too. 
  • Shipping must be fast. 
  • There should be a money-back guarantee with fair return conditions. 
  • Excellent customer service to respond to your requests and concerns. 

Over the years, WayMoreNaturals has established a name for itself as one of the most reliable kratom suppliers in the United States.

Our kratom delivery service cuts across the forty-something states of this country where kratom can be legally consumed. 


WayMoreNaturals Delivery


In this section, learn what makes WayMoreNaturals different, and better. 


Our superior delivery quality is one of the top reasons customers choose us. Our shipping is fast, fees are affordable, and delivery is managed by the USPS. And even though we are not responsible for the tasks carried out by the USPS, we are always monitoring orders sent out to ensure that everyone receives their orders as and when due. 

If you make your order before 3:00 pm, you qualify for same-day shipping. If otherwise, your order will be shipped on the very next business day. All our organic kratom capsules are ready and raring to go out to kratom lovers all over North America. No delays at all. 

In addition, if your order exceeds $100, we will ship your products completely free of charge. 

Money-Back Guarantee


For 30 days after purchasing your organic kratom capsules, you can return them to us, no questions asked. That is, even if you are returning the products just because you had a change of mind, we will gladly refund you. Our 30-day money-back guarantee puts our customers’ minds at ease. 

Of course, we expect that you won’t have to return your kratom capsule orders, at least not because the product is bad. We put all our effort into ensuring that all our kratom products are of the highest, safest quality available. Once they make purchases, our customers look forward to receiving their kratom orders.


The condition for accepting returns is that at least 80% of the product remains intact. This applies to all our organic kratom products, including capsules. Of course, the return is valid only if it was made within 30 days. 

To make a return, all you need to do is send us an email at


WayMoreNaturals is a customer-centric company. Therefore, we always welcome feedback from our customers. When we receive negative feedback, we strive to resolve the issue raised as soon as we can. In this way, both positive and negative reviews help us improve our products and strengthen the relationship we have established with our customers. This is how we have kept our customers happy over the years. And you can see from the reviews below that customers are happy with the WayMoreNaturals service delivery. 


Dan Davidson – Got my first order in today and I am very happy with the quality, the customer service, and super fast shipping. I’m so happy I found you all. Keep up the great work and thanks for looking out for your customers.

Jesse Roberts – Greatest (and also cheapest which is mind-blowing) I have ever found For instance my first order never made it to me (100% the USPS fault) I waited a while but customer service mailed out my order again with 500 extra grams for my troubles I was about to give up on them then my second order finally showed up and I was surprised and Definitely pleased The best kratom company I’ve ever dealt with and will now only deal with.

Ashley Verno – I received a random promo text from them, so I was a little sketch out on trying them, but I gave them a called they helped me find the right product and every step of the way. Their shipping is fast I got my products in 2 days, their customer service is excellent, and best of all, they love their kratom! Highly recommend this company!!!!!

Visit our store today to order organic kratom capsules that would appear at your doorstep in no time. 

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