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At Way More Naturals, we prioritize the experience of our customers over any other factor. The need to deliver pure, safe, and quality kratom packages to our customers keeps us on our toes always and prevents us from compromising on any aspect. This is why we are transparent about our kratom growing methods and processing techniques. 

The superior effects that our kratom capsules and powder are noticeable for are a result of our organic cultivation process, harvesting at full maturity to ensure high alkaloid content, multiple sifting stages for ground leaves, and series of tests by a third-party laboratory to ensure adherence to quality standards.

This article explains why WayMoreNaturals is the top USA kratom vendor in Austin, Texas. But before we go into specific detail, we must first explore the legality of kratom in the city. 

Is Kratom Legal in Austin?

The legality of kratom is the subject of much debate and lobbying throughout the country. The discussion has not been helped by the fact that kratom legislations vary all over and one cannot seem to be quite sure if their possession of kratom at any time is permitted by the laws of their locale.

To be clear, kratom remains federally legal. Although, some states and counties have restricted it or even banned kratom entirely within their jurisdiction. States that don’t have any laws regarding kratom make recourse to the federal legislation. In any case, kratom is legal in most states (forty-something). However, one cannot be careful. You must be certain of the legal status of kratom in your specific location before making a purchase. The wrong side of the law is far from being the best place to be.

It is worth mentioning that there is currently a wave of legislation lifting bans upon kratom in areas where it has been declared illegal. Many state governments are now opting to regulate kratom production and sales to ensure safety, instead of an outright ban. This is being implemented through the adoption of the Kratom Consumer Protection Acts (KCPAs) throughout the country. Texas is not one of the states that have adopted the KCPA.

As far as Austin, Texas is concerned, kratom is completely legal. No restrictions whatsoever. Texas is one of the forty-something states in the US that have kratom legalized. 

In the state of Texas…

There is no legislation that restricts, prohibits, or regulates the cultivation, sale, possession, or consumption of Kratom. That means the legality of kratom in Texas derives from federal legislation. And federal legislation has determined kratom to be legal throughout the country. In fact, only a few states and counties (neither Austin nor Texas inclusive, of course) have banned kratom. From Houston to Dallas and Austin, all over Texas, everyone has free access to kratom. 

More so, there has never been any attempt to ban or regulate access to kratom plants in the state. Texas is one of the states that champions human freedoms and their laws are often non-restrictive. Therefore, it remains highly unlikely that kratom would be banned in the state of Texas in the foreseeable future. 

Don’t let the fear of going against the law stop you from purchasing kratom in Austin, Texas. Even if law enforcement were to stop you on suspicion of possessing an illegal substance, you have no need to be worried. After testing and realizing that it is Mitragyna speciosa, it would be returned to you, with no repercussion incurred. 

You can purchase kratom in Austin from botanical stores, liquor shops, gas stations, etc. Or you can also purchase from online vendors, at the top of which list there is WayMoreNaturals. 

Why Choose Way More Naturals?

WayMoreNaturals is a reliable company that supplies customers across North America with pure, organic, and quality kratom products. Once you visit our store to make an order, we would ship your kratom products quickly so that you can get your order as soon as possible. 

These are some reasons you should choose WayMoreNaturals:

  • Organic kratom cultivation. 

We maintain a close relationship with local farmers in Indonesia, Southeast Asia, which is the home of kratom. Unlike here in North America, the climate and environment over there provide optimal conditions for the proper growth of kratom plants. The local farmers are experienced and apply sustainable measures to ensure that the kratom remains organic.

  • Lab Testing

All kratom products from WayMoreNaturals have been scientifically tested by a third-party lab. The test is done for two reasons: safety and quality. We use the test to determine if there are harmful chemicals present in the plant. The test is also used to determine the alkaloid content of the plant. All these are to ensure that we do not compromise the quality and safety of our customers in any way. You can send us an email to request a certificate of analysis for any of our organic kratom products.

  • Pure kratom. 

Even though Austin and Texas have no rules for regulating kratom, we go over and beyond to ensure that our customers derive 100% satisfaction from their kratom. We do not enhance our kratom products in any way. They are entirely natural and pure. The minimum baseline of mitragynine on all kratom you purchase from us stands at 1.3%. 

  • Customer service.

WayMoreNaturals matches its excellent products with superior customer service. Our ears are always open to reviews and feedback from our customers. Both positive and negative feedback helps us improve our services and strengthen our relationship with our customers. That’s we have multiple channels through which customers can reach us, through a phone call, email, or social media. The satisfaction of our customers is our consistent priority. 

  • Discounts and special offers.

WayMoreNaturals can join our online community where they can get to meet other kratom lovers as well as get accorded VIP status. Members of our community enjoy exclusive discounts and special offers. And they also get a chance to win at our regular contests. Besides this though, no one has to ‘formally’ join the online community before they can enjoy free sample packs. Both new and returning customers have access to sample packs to help them make decisions on which strain of kratom to purchase. 


Kratom is our business at Way More Naturals because of its superior benefits. The aim of our company is to bring wellness to our customers. And we achieve this through the production and sales of organic and lab-tested kratom powder and capsules, made to deliver 100% satisfaction.

For top-shelf, organic, pure, and safe kratom in Austin, you can visit our store right away to view our wide array of interesting options and make an order right away. We are all about improving your wellbeing. Our store is filled with different strains of kratom products, all of which are completely organic, lab-tested, and crafted to deliver satisfaction.


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