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Kratom, the popular plant that originates from Southeast Asia, is one of the hottest-selling herbs in the US market right now. During this holiday season, if you have been looking for cheaper ways to get kratom, then this article explains all you need to know. 

WayMoreNaturals is one company with the most innovative strategy for kratom coupons and free offers. Each of the sections below detail every aspect of how we run discount offers for customers of WayMoreNaturals. Firstly, however, some introduction to kratom is necessary. 

Kratom Strains


Kratom is generally classed into three or four categories, depending on which source you turn to. These categories are named according to the color of the veins of the leaves at different stages of the plant’s maturity during planting. The main colors are red, white, and green. 

  • White Kratom. Kratom leaves have white veins at the early stages of maturity. Once harvested, white kratom leaves are dried indoors, without any light. 
  • Red Kratom. Red kratom leaves must have matured fully. In addition, the leaves are usually dried using sunlight or artificial UV light. Red strains of kratom are some of the most widely available strains.
  • Green Kratom. Green-veined kratom leaves must have been harvested mid-way towards maturity. Hence, their effects are usually a balance between red-veined leaves and white-veined leaves. Green-veined leaves have a two-stage drying process that begins indoors and ends outdoors.
  • Yellow (or Gold) kratom. In addition to these three strains, there is also a new, fast-growing strain, known as the yellow or gold. Yellow kratom strains are thought to be hybrid strains that must have emerged by the blending of the other strains. Others think the yellow veins appear later in the lifespan of the kratom leaves, post-maturity. In any case, they are the rarest kratom strains of the four


Free Samples


Every customer, new and returning, is entitled to free kratom samples of our kratom products. This is for two reasons. One, whenever you are undecided about which kratom strain to go for, you can get a sample to know what kind of effects to anticipate. If you like it, then you can commit to buying a full dosage. In addition, free samples particularly enable new customers to try out our products before purchase. In this sense, we offer free samples as a measure of reassurance to new customers that they are not purchasing fake, old, or adulterated kratom. WayMoreNaturals only sells fresh, pure, organic, and high-quality kratom.

Each sample contains 10 grams of your kratom product in your desired strain. And we have many strains to pick from, both the popular and the not-so-popular ones. Our selection includes Bentanguie, Bali, Borneo, Indo, Malay, Dragon, Sumatra, and more.

Returning customers can select only one free sample at a time. However, new customers have access to two free samples. We are determined to earn the trust of our customers and offering free samples allows us to do just that. 


Bulk Discount


Our bulk discount offers help you save between 9% and 21% every time you purchase kratom online. We call it ‘mix and match’. That is, you can buy different strains of kratom products yet they would all be counted as one purchase. See some examples below:

  • 100 capsules split 4 ways, that is, 25 capsules each of your four desired strains of kratom. Each kratom capsule contains 500 mg (0.5 g) of organic kratom powder.
  • 1000 capsules split 5 ways, that is, 200 500mg capsules each of your five desired strains of kratom powder, all purchased as one collection.
  • 300 capsules split 3 ways. 
  • 1 kilogram of organic kratom powder split 2 ways, that is, two 500g bags of premium organic kratom powder.
  • 1 kilogram of organic kratom powder split 4 ways, that is four 250g bags of premium organic kratom powder.
  • An everyday kit containing three 100g bags of organic kratom powder. Each packet is meant for sunrise, midday, and sunset use, the full premium kratom package for an entire day’s needs. 

Veterans’ Discount

The discount offer we are most proud of go to our military veterans. At Way More Naturals, we appreciate the sacrifices and hard work of our military personnel in keeping the country safe. Therefore, with a military ID, a veteran can get lifetime discounts on all our products. If purchasing online you can enter the kratom coupon code thankyou to claim your discount offer. And you need not worry about our kratom products, they are crafted to deliver a guaranteed 100% satisfaction.

Join the Community

The best way to enjoy these discounts is by joining our closed community on Facebook. The group is the first place we announce any exclusive discounts, special offers, and even new products, as well as other important company announcements. You can also participate in contests and win giveaways on the group. 

Besides the knowledge of discounts and special offers, you also get to relate with other kratom lovers, and perhaps even make some friends in the process. The community allows everyone to share their experience with kratom and learn from each other. 


In our Facebook group, we want you to engage, become educated, and continue supporting Kratom by involving yourself, in our community you have the opportunity to talk about issues that are important to you, meet new friends who share your same interests, and have a platform to share your ideas, goals, and issues. We welcome all individuals at every level of Kratom. Your personal experience could be very helpful to someone who has a question, so make sure you stay active.

Likewise, the community serves as a customer support channel. WayMoreNaturals agents are always at hand to respond to the concerns of customers on the group as swiftly as possible. Basically, you are treated as a VIP if you are a member of the community. You are welcome to ask any questions whatsoever; our agents and other customers on the group are ready to engage you. 


It needs no mentioning that there is more to kratom than simply generous discounts. Besides coupons and special offers, there are also questions of quality and safety to be answered. That said, it is in your best interest to ensure that the kratom leaves, powder, capsules, etc. that you buy are:

  • Grown organically. Chemicals found in pesticides, herbicides, etc. can contaminate the plants and compromise their purity.
  • Tested by a third-party laboratory. Testing is important to determine that there are no heavy metals, contaminants, or other harmful chemicals present in the plant. 
  • Pure kratom. Don’t buy kratom mixed with something else, whatever it may be. It is safest to purchase 100% pure kratom, whether as leaves or ground.

And how can you be certain that these conditions are being met? By buying kratom from only reputable companies who are known to deliver customer satisfaction while being transparent at it. Such is Way More Naturals, a company whose foundation on quality and safety of their customers. Contact us today for your quality, pure, and safe kratom.

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