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What is Kratom?

Kratom is a tree of the coffee family that is native to Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. History tells us that the natives have been cultivating this plant since the nineteenth century but it has only recently made its way to the United States where it is making waves already. 



Today, kratom is sold, not just in leaves, but in capsules and powders, as well as extracts and teas. Most of the kratom in the United States still comes from Southeast Asia, in that, it is cultivated there, while processing and packaging take place here in America. 

Is Kratom Legal?

Given the amount of attention that kratom is getting, governments in the US have been looking to regulate it. By federal legislation, kratom is completely legal. But things are not so simple at the state government level. Kratom is legal in most states, though some impose certain restrictions such as age. The states where kratom is completely outlawed include Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Also, certain local governments ban kratom in their regions and they are Denver (Colorado), Jerseyville (Illinois), San Diego (California), Sarasota Country (Florida), and Union Country (Mississippi).

Besides these, kratom is legal in most of the country and you can be sure that you are not on the wrong side of any law. The most important factor is to ensure that you buy organic kratom products. Since the majority of people are only just getting introduced to kratom, research is still limited. Hence, the interaction of kratom with other chemicals, even the so-called supplements, is still under study. Therefore, the safest kratom you can purchase is one that is organic.



How can you determine if kratom is organic?

Kratom is most effective when it is pure. And it cannot be pure if it is not organic. That is why it is important to buy organic kratom. To determine if kratom is organic, you must pay attention to the following three factors:

  • Cultivation, 
  • Processing & production, and
  • Lab testing.

Each of the three is explained below. 

  • Cultivation

The naturalness of kratom begins with cultivation. Pesticides and herbicides or even any chemical at all, even if their use is well-intentioned are harmful to the health of kratom consumers. Hence, it is not only recommended but absolutely necessary that kratom farmers ensure chemical-free growth. The addition of any chemical compromises the purity of kratom and can subsequently put end-consumers in danger. 

  • Processing and Production

Kratom might have been grown organically but compromised along the line with the addition of chemical ingredients. For kratom to be fully organic, it must be kept free of chemical additions from planting to packaging. Some vendors supplement their kratom with special ingredients to provide certain effects. This might be dangerous or not. Nevertheless, it is better to err on the side of caution by opting for completely organic kratom, to begin with.

  • Lab Testing

To buy organic kratom, the real proof is not the information on a vendor’s website, but rather a certificate of analysis showing that such claims are true. And for such a certificate of analysis to be valid, it must have been issued by an approved third-party laboratory that has no affiliations with the kratom producer or vendor. Some states include this in their requirements for kratom regulation while others do not. So, it is better to conduct checks by yourself. Before purchasing kratom, request a valid certificate of analysis showing that indeed the kratom is organic and does not contain unwanted chemicals. 

Therefore, that begs the question, what kind of chemicals are present in organic kratom?

Chemical Composition of Kratom

There are more than 40 different alkaloids present in kratom. The most abundant of the is mitragynine, an indole-based alkaloid. You don’t have to think too far about why kratom is scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa. Other lesser-known alkaloids in kratom are 7-hydroxy mitragynine, paynantheine, and speciogynine. However, mitragynine typically takes up to 60% of the total alkaloid content in kratom. The composition of alkaloids in kratom varies based on factors such as environment, planting season, harvest conditions, etc. In fact, kratom strains are categorized according to these factors, particularly harvest conditions. 

Types of Kratom

Depending on the source, there are either three or four major categories of kratom strains, all named by the color of the veins of the leaves, which is in turn based on the harvest conditions. 

  • White Kratom strain: at the early stages of maturity, kratom leaves have white veins. Leaves harvested at this stage are called white kratom. They are usually stored/dried indoors, away from any light.
  • Red Kratom strain: kratom leaves in this category are the most mature. Red kratom is much sought after because it is the most abundant in the alkaloid mitragynine. The leaves of this kratom strain are usually stored/dried in sunlight or artificial UV light.
  • Green Kratom strain: leaves of this kratom strain are harvested just at the middle of their maturity. This is the go-to strain for those seeking a balance between white kratom and red kratom. Green-veined kratom leaves are stored/dried in two stages: first, indoors in a dark environment and subsequently, outdoors under full sunlight.
  • Yellow Kratom strain: this is an emerging strain of kratom. Hence, it is usually not listed among the previous three strains. Also called Gold kratom, this strain of kratom is hybrid, created by blending any of the other strains, for special effects. For yellow kratom to remain organic, the blending must be limited to existing kratom leaves and chemical additives must be shunned. 

Note that kratom strains are further categorized by qualities such as location (Thai, Indo, Bali, Borneo, Vietnam, etc.) or a special feature (Elephant, Maeng Da, Dragon, etc.) Therefore, the strain, ‘white Indo kratom’ will refer to kratom cultivated in Indonesia whose leaves were harvested early at maturity. 



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