Kratom Extracts: All You Need to Know

Kratom is one herb that has been garnering a lot of attention in recent years in the US. It is mostly purchased as raw leaves, ground into powder, or packed into capsules. However, many do not know of other forms of kratom, particularly kratom extract. But before we introduce kratom extracts, let’s introduce kratom properly.

Kratom is a plant that originated in Southeast Asian. Since the nineteenth century, it has been cultivated by native peoples in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

Therefore, even though Americans are only just getting familiar with it, kratom has a long history in these other places. In fact, most of the kratom sold in the US are cultivated by farmers in these countries because the climate over there is more favorable to kratom growth than here in America. 

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Kratom Extract

According to Kratom Science, a kratom extract is a potent alkaloidal extract of kratom that’s reapplied to powdered leaf. This secondary extraction process ensures that the resulting powder is more concentrated than when the kratom was in its previous state. So one can regard kratom extracts as enhanced kratom as it is the strongest form of kratom yet. Note, though, that this enhancement takes place naturally using components from the same kratom rather than the infusion of artificial materials. That said, apparently, kratom extracts are about 15 times more concentrated than the normal ground leaves. A small dose of kratom extract is more powerful than large amounts of regular kratom powder.

The difference between kratom extracts and kratom powder begins from the production. Kratom powder is simply produced by grinding the harvested leaves into a fine consistency. Kratom powder is more popular than kratom extract because of the simplicity of its production. Making kratom extracts takes more time, effort, and resources. However, these extra requirements pay off in the long run with the enhancement of the kratom. 

Note that while kratom extract powder is the most common, it is not the only form of kratom extract available. There are also kratom extract tincture and extract resin. 

How to Make Kratom Extract

With the right ingredients (which are not a lot), you can easily make kratom extract in your home. There are three main ways of making kratom extract: alcohol-based, water-based, or resin-based. All three are explained below. 

Alcohol-based extracts often last longer and are more concentrated than water-based extracts. For this method, you need to mix the desired amount of kratom with the alcohol first (say, 4 ounces of kratom to a liter of ethanol). Then add a little citric acid (no more than pH level 4) or freshly-squeezed lemon juice to the mix to preserve the alkaloids. 

After this, you can either store the mixture in a cool and dark environment for a week OR place the jar in hot water for an hour (and repeat twice). Subsequently, strain the liquid and then let half of it evaporate. 

Or instead of this, you can use a water-based approach.

That is, instead of dissolving raw kratom leaves in just ethanol, you will dissolve it in water or a mixture of ethanol and water. Then the rest of the process follows in the same way: addition of citric acid, storage or boiling, straining, evaporation, then packaging.

These processes are not as simple as they seem and they require a lot of patience and carefulness as well. However, they are simpler than resin-based kratom extract. Resin-based extracts are the most difficult but fastest to produce. In addition, they deliver the most concentrated form of kratom. 

To make this, you need to add some water and lemon juice to your kratom powder. Steep this mixture overnight, or for 12 hours, and subsequently freeze it until it is solid. Once done, place the frozen block in boiling water and add more lemon juice. Leave it that way until a quarter of the water evaporates. 

Let the mixture cool, and like is required for the previous two processes, strain, then evaporate half of it. Simmer the thick powder in lemon juice two or three more times. Afterward, place the rest of the liquid in an oven-safe dish and heat to about 200℉ until all the water evaporates. The result is a thick resin extract. Kratom resin extract has alkaloids in greater concentration because it is semi-solid and contains next to little liquid, unlike alcohol and water-based extracts, which are primarily for making kratom extract tinctures.

So, those are the ways you can make kratom at home by yourself. Making kratom extracts requires patience, but the extracts ultimately deliver more value than regular kratom powder and capsules. 


Even by following all the steps appropriately, the quality of the finished kratom extracts varies widely. Why? This is mainly due to the strain of the kratom leaves used as raw materials and also the quality. It is important that you purchase kratom leaves of premium quality if you want to derive the utmost satisfaction from the resulting kratom extract. 

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