Where Can I Buy Kratom on Long Island?

Long Island is a beautiful island located on the Atlantic Ocean. It has enjoyed a similarly impressive history, stretching back to the 17th century. Do you know what else comes from islands, albeit in Southeast Asia? Kratom, of course, which is cultivated in the forests of some of the most popular islands in the region, such as Bali, Borneo, Sumatra, etc.

Long Island, the most populated island in the United States takes up 40% of the population of the state of New York. It is even more populated than some countries like Jamaica, Ireland, etc. It is an important commercial hub too and so attracts a lot of attention.

Like in the rest of the United States, talks about the new herb kratom have been on the radar in the past few years. Now, it is gaining some significant ground and many kratom lovers are looking for a reliable kratom vendor to purchase their kratom products from. First, we will explain the legality of kratom in Long Island, or more precisely, the state of New York. 

Kratom Legality in Long Island, New York

Kratom has had a bit of interesting history in the state of New York as a whole. It is one state where the legality of kratom has faced significant challenges. Yet, somehow, kratom remains legal in the state. Sometime around 2016; there was a Senate Bill S6345 that sought to prohibit the sale and distribution of kratom. It looked like it had some potential at a point, but it eventually didn’t see the light of the day. 

Later in 2017, Assembly Bill 8787 was introduced to prohibit the sale of kratom in the state to individuals under the age of eighteen. It was the first bill that sought to introduce some form of regulation to the kratom industry in the state. It, however, died at the committee stage. The bill was proposed again later as Senate Bill 6924 but that also was suppressed. No one really knows why neither attempts to ban nor efforts to regulate kratom in New York have ever taken off. 

However, the latest efforts to ensure kratom regulation have been spearheaded by the American Kratom Association (AKA). A new bill was sponsored in 2019 by Sen. David Carlucci. Surprisingly, he has been the same person who had sponsored the bill to ban kratom some years back. Although, now, the AKA says that “he has been working closely with AKA and New York kratom vendors and has now agreed to champion protecting consumer access to safe and unadulterated kratom products”. 

Where Can I Buy Kratom on Long Island? – WayMoreNaturals!

In any case, kratom remains legal in New York, even though unregulated. However, it is only a reasonable responsibility that kratom vendors keep their products safe for their customers. This is a responsibility that we at WayMoreNaturals have gladly undertaken through the sales of solely organic, fresh, and pure kratom products. 

WayMoreNaturals is a reputable ORGANIC KRATOM vendor with years of positive reviews from absolutely satisfied customers. Beyond recreational satisfaction though, we want our customers to achieve their wellness goals and to challenge the negative stereotypes of kratom as an unsafe kratom. 

Buying kratom in Long Island, in the state of New York, or anywhere in the United States, you should look no further than WayMoreNaturals. We uphold sound principles of kratom safety stricter than even what regulations prescribe. All our kratom products are organic, pure, and lab-tested. In fact, all you need to see a certificate of assessment for any kratom product is a message to our email address and we will respond duly.


With Way More Naturals, you can take advantage of different benefits such as free samples, kratom discounts, special offers, contests, giveaways, etc. Your chances of enjoying these benefits are boosted when you join our online community. 

No matter where you are on Long Island, all it takes to receive premium kratom capsules and powder products is an order on our online store. We have more than twenty different strains of carefully cultivated and processed kratom products for you to choose from, guaranteeing you 100% satisfaction. 


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