Where to Buy Kratom In San Francisco?


The Northern California region called the San Fransisco Bay Area is the heartbeat of the bustling state. The densely-populated metropolis located on a hilly peninsula is home to the Golden Gate Bridge as well as a host of other eye-catching destinations. 

As the kratom herb becomes popular in the region, there is the growing question of where to get kratom safely, and if it’s even legal to do so. Not to worry, all your questions are answered in this article. 

The Legality of Kratom in San Francisco, Bay Area

California has been quite the permissive state as far as matters of herbal supplements are concerned. It was the first state of the US to legalize marijuana for medical use back in the ’90s. Even now, recreational marijuana is legal in the state. But that is not the topic of this article. 

Therefore, it would be a surprise if kratom was not legal in the state. Kratom is fully legal in the state of California except in one location, which is certainly not the Bay Area. The only place where kratom is outlawed in California is the city of San Diego. Residents of San Fransisco Bay Area and other parts of California can sell, purchase, and consume kratom freely and without restrictions. 


Considering California’s lenient legal approach to such issues, it is unlikely that kratom may become illegal in the state in the near future. If anything, it may only become regulated, via the adoption of a Kratom Consumer Protection Act, which has been adopted in states such as Utah, Georgia, Missouri, and Arizona, among a few others. 

Buying Kratom in the Bay Area

Kratom appears to be quite popular in California and especially in the San Fransisco Bay Area. You can find it sold in smoke shops, gas stations, specialty shops, etc. Where you won’t find kratom sold, however, are retail outlets of big companies such as Amazon, Walgreens, GNC, or Walmart. Because of the unstable state of the legality of kratom (nationwide, not just in California), one guesses that these companies are trying to avoid falling for legal liability or losing their stock in the case it is banned widely. 


On the other hand, one cannot wholeheartedly recommend local stores because some of them engage in shady practices that put the health and safety of their customers at risk. Actually, kratom is banned in San Diego because of the health issues that arose from the consumption of a particular brand of kratom from a gas station that had been adulterated with a painkiller. Over and over again, we are reminded why kratom products are unsafe when infused with non-kratom chemical substances. Scientists haven’t fully researched the interaction of kratom with such substances so it will be unfair and even dangerous for any vendor to engage in such practices.

More so, most local vendors are not the source of the kratom products they sell. In most cases, they only act as middlemen who buy bulk kratom from producers and then sell to local customers. That means these local vendors may not know enough about kratom products nor stock enough variety to be able to properly satisfy customers. 

The best place to buy kratom in the Bay Area is a reliable online vendor that sells ORGANIC KRATOM. Such a company must sell kratom that has been naturally processed, is pure, and not enhanced in any way. 

Where to Buy Kratom In San Francisco, Bay Area? – WayMoreNaturals!

That is an apt description for WayMoreNaturals, a company that has won the hearts of many Americans over the years by providing satisfying, organic kratom. Our kratom products are the result of the valuable dedication of our local farmers in Indonesia who apply thoroughly sustainable measures to cultivate organic kratom plants that are then shipped to the United States.


Once in the United States, these raw bulk kratom plants are processed in a climate-controlled clean room, under the hands of experienced workers and with the use of state-of-the-art technology and equipment. This is followed by rigorous lab-testing to determine if any of the kratom products have been contaminated. Only pure, organic products make it into the market. And that is how we guarantee wellness to our customers who are continually satisfied.

Whether you want kratom for personal use or kratom wholesale for your local store, you cannot go wrong with WayMoreNaturals. We have a host of kratom strains (red, green, white, and even the new yellow/gold strain) to satisfy your needs. 


How can you be so sure of the WayMoreNaturals quality? Two answers: you can request a certificate of assessment (for lab-testing) or you can request free kratom samples. For free, and as a new customer, we will gladly send you two ten-gram kratom samples of your choice strains as guarantees of the quality of our organic kratom products. Visit our store to make your order, whether for personal kratom purchases or for bulk kratom wholesale purchases. 


This product has not been approved by the FDA for human or animal use. The FDA has issued warnings about Kratom ingestion in humans. This product is sold with no directions or intended use. Content on this page does not claim or intend to claim any verifiable or beneficial use in humans.

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