Green Borneo Kratom Strain Review


Green Borneo Kratom is the flagship strain of the ‘green’ family of kratom strains. 

When it comes to kratom strains, it is not possible to avoid mentioning Green Borneo Kratom. In the kratom world, Green Borneo Kratom is as reputable as the location it is named after and gotten from, Borneo. 

Green Borneo Kratom Origins

Borneo, a delectable island that sits between Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei, is the largest island in Asia and the third-largest in the world. Indonesia has the biggest share of the island, and so most kratom exports come from there. The Green Borneo Kratom is grown deep in the island’s forests and the tropical climate there boosts the alkaloid content of the plant. That results in the potency for which the Green Borneo Kratom strain is famed. 

But the prestige of the Green Borneo Kratom is not just attributable to where the trees come from, but mostly to the intrinsic value of the strain itself. In general, green kratom strains are usually moderate, creating a balance between the predominantly uplifting white strains and the most soothing red strains. The potency of the Green Borneo Kratom intensifies these effects beyond the mild aggregation that the average green strain is known for. In addition, this is a fast-action, long-lasting strain.

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Purchasing the Green Borneo Kratom

At Way More Naturals, our Green Borneo Kratom is grown right on the Borneo island and shipped into the United States from Indonesia. We also ensure that the trees are grown organically and receive all the right nutrients and sunlight. This results in our potent Green Borneo Kratom we sell; it contains no less than 25 active alkaloids. With these, you are guaranteed a 100% satisfaction. And when it comes to safety, we have that covered as well since all our products go through lab testing from a certified third-party laboratory.

Way More Naturals is a top producer and direct supplier of kratom in the United States. Our ultimate goal is to contribute positively and significantly to the health and wellness to our numerous customers all over the country. And one of our top-selling products is the Green Borneo Kratom. The difference is the quality.


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