Green Emerald Kratom Strain Review

Green Emerald (or Emerald Green) Kratom is one of the least-known green-veined kratom strains; it is even lesser known when compared against the entire band of kratom strains. 

Its lack of popularity is due to its relative newness, being one of the latest strains being introduced into the market. And the most important part is that many kratom users are already warming up to the Green Emerald strain having discovered its superior effects. In fact, online ratings for Green Emerald hardly ever drop below 4 or 5 points. That’s to prove how much people are loving it.


Being a newer strain aside, the major reason that the popularity of Green Emerald kratom has not soared, despite its loftier benefits, is that it is not an easy strain to produce. Most kratom trees have a straight-forward cultivation process once the right conditions have been met. However, Green Emerald kratom plants require grafting, and this is a delicate process that can only be pulled off by master kratom farmers.

Purchasing Green Emerald

Because of the delicacy of cultivating Green Emerald, only a few kratom companies have this strain available. And among those few belongs Way More Naturals. Our Green Emerald kratom leaves come directly from veteran farmers in West Kalimantan, Indonesia who are skilled in handling the special cultivation needs of this strain. 

In addition, even though we maintain long-term close relationships with these farmers; upon the arrival of the plants to the United States, we subject them to rigorous testing. While we absolutely trust our farmers, we remain committed to delivering quality to our numerous customers all over the country. Hence, we ensure that no gap is left open. 

When you buy Green Emerald kratom powder and capsules from us at Way More Naturals, you can rest assured of utmost safety and quality. We maintain a golden standard of organic cultivation methods that ensures that our plants are free of any harmful chemicals and other contaminants. 

In addition, the plants are micro-grinded into a very fine powder form, after the veins and stems have been removed. Pure Green Emerald kratom leaf powder, that is what our customers get. And their excellent reviews after trying it out testify to our superiority. 


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