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Kratom has slowly risen in popularity all over the US, attracting the attention of important stakeholders in the process. With its new-found fame, though, comes the challenges of finding a reliable supplier and ensuring that the market is rid of counterfeit kratom. The latter is the work of the regulators. But it is your responsibility to find a reliable kratom supplier

It is not hard to find a trusted kratom supplier if you look in the right places and consider the right factors. In this article, you would find an explanation of the major factors that mark out a kratom supplier as trustworthy. 

Some of these factors are:

  • Kratom source: where was the kratom cultivated?
  • Organic cultivation: how was the kratom cultivated?
  • Storage and processing: how was the kratom product stored, handled, and processed?
  • Lab testing: has the kratom been tested by a certified lab?

Kratom Source

Kratom is quite a sensitive plant. As you are aware already, it originates from Southeast Asia. The humid, tropical of that environment provides the perfect conditions for kratom to grow properly. If cultivated elsewhere, you can’t get optimal results. For instance, the cold climate of the US means that kratom can’t grow well here as it would do in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. 

In the temperate region of Southeast Asia, the tropical climate encourages the production of useful alkaloids in the plant. And that directly transforms into the quality and effectiveness of the plant. This means that kratom cultivated elsewhere is of lower quality than those grown in the source itself (Southeast Asia).

The trusted organic kratom vendors source their kratom leaves from kratom farms in Southeast Asia. The quality question is enough reason to doubt a kratom plant whose source is the United States. Usually, the raw kratom leaves are imported here and they are then processed into powder, capsules, extracts, etc. and subsequently packaged. 

WayMoreNaturals maintains a strong relationship with experienced local farmers in Southeast Asia who supply us with the best kratom. That is why our customers all over the United States, and even Canada, can trust our products. 

Organic Cultivation

Location is not all that determines true organic kratom. Methods are important as well. An organic kratom product is one that has not been infused with additives and other chemical supplements. Some vendors do this. But it is not entirely safe. At least, the science has not confirmed if combining kratom with other chemicals is 100% okay. Until they do, the safest thing is to use organic kratom.

Organic kratom cultivation means staying away from any chemical or other artificial additives, including pesticides and herbicides. There are certain harmful chemicals in the pesticides that may compromise a person’s safety. So, even if using them is well-intentioned, it may be disastrous. 

Instead, kratom should be cultivated in a sustainable manner, and free of chemicals. This is highly important because it is a matter of safety. 

It is in your best interest to ensure that the kratom you purchase is 100% pure and comes from a trusted supplier. Even if you want anything added to it, it is better that you add it yourself rather than let the supplier decide for themselves. 

Our kratom products are 100% organic. No pesticides, herbicides, foreign chemicals, heavy metals, or other toxins have been added. The safety of our customers is of the highest priority to us and we stop at nothing to ensure this. Lab-testing reveals this too. If we notice that any portion of our kratom is contaminated or adulterated, we immediately remove it. Only pure kratom products from WayMoreNaturals make it into the market.

Kratom Storage and Processing

You should only trust suppliers/vendors that have employed the utmost carefulness to preserve the quality of the kratom products. Here at WayMoreNaturals, all our kratom is stored in a climate-controlled cleanroom in order to ensure that they remain of the highest quality.

All our kratom, from harvest to packaging is stored in a climate-controlled clean room and does not go out at all until fully packaged and ready for sales and delivery. We have the best facilities for kratom processing as well as health-conscious employees who ensure the utmost diligence to maintain the quality of the kratom.

Upon reception of the pure kratom plants here in the United States, we continue with the task of keeping them pure, even during the storage and processing stage. Our kratom powder and capsules are the smoothest kratoms around, due to the rigorous methods that we apply to ensure the utmost quality.

Prior to processing, all our kratom is stored and handled in a climate-controlled clean room. This greatly reduces the risks of contamination from airborne particles and organisms.


Lab Testing

There is no physical proof of a trustworthy kratom supplier like the evidence of lab testing, which is a certificate of analysis. The certificate of analysis shows the chemical components of the kratom product, which allows you to assess the alkaloid content of the product and also determine that it does not contain any harmful chemicals such as heavy metals and so on. 

The specific contaminants that we test for include:

  • Heavy metals content – [AOAC 2013.06] Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, and
  • Microbial safety – Aerobic Plate Count [AOAC 990.12], Yeast and Mold [AOAC 997.02], Coliforms and E Coli [AOAC 991.4], and Salmonella [AOAC-RI 050701]

Kratom buyers are always encouraged to request a verifiable certificate of analysis from any vendor that supplies them kratom. Normally, the certificate of analysis should be displayed publicly and made available on request. For the COA to be valid, it must come from a lab that is government-certified and is a true third-party, that is, it has no relationship whatsoever with the kratom supplier. 

Lab testing, with the certificate of analysis, is compulsory because you cannot simply believe what a vendor says at face value. Beyond the claims by the word of mouth and on their website, you need physical proof to back up such words. 

Products that do not pass the safety requirements at WayMoreNaturals are immediately destroyed. Only organic lab-tested kratom products that are deemed to be of the utmost quality are subsequently packaged and sent out to customers.


WayMoreNaturals is a transparent kratom company that is trusted by several thousands of kratom enthusiasts around the United States. We welcome all our customers (including prospective ones) to request certificates of analysis for whichever kratom product they want to purchase. To do so, you may kindly fill the contact form on this page and we would not hesitate to get back to you. 

We have been operating for years now and we serve customers all over the country. WayMoreNaturals is a premium kratom company that is committed to the satisfaction and wellbeing of our kratom customers everywhere.


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