Where to Buy Kratom

At WayMoreNaturals, we supply certified organic kratom to several states across the US and we would be more than excited to take your next order.

This article begins with some guidelines on how to identify the best kratom product/brand. Then, the second part highlights where to buy kratom in the United States. The following factors are important when choosing where to buy organic kratom:

  • Kratom cultivation location
  • Organic cultivation
  • Kratom storage and processing
  • Kratom purity
  • Lab testing
  • Orders and delivery
  • Reviews

We’ll now proceed to examine them one after the other. 

Kratom Cultivation Location

Kratom is very location-selective. It requires a humid, tropical environment and that’s why the Southeast Asian countries of Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. provide the optimal conditions for proper kratom growth.

It matters a lot that the best kratom plants are cultivated in the forests in the temperate regions of islands in Southeast Asia such as Bali, Borneo, Sumatra, and so on. The tropical climate of this environment encourages the production of useful alkaloids in the plant. If a kratom plant had been grown in the US, you would know because its alkaloid profile would be very weak. 

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Organic Cultivation

What it means to cultivate kratom organically is that no chemical or any other artificial additives have been used. Even if there are good intentions behind using certain chemicals (such as herbicides and pesticides), the toxins present in those substances are harmful to the kratom plant and to the health of the people who would take them. Organic cultivation is not simply a matter of quality but of safety as well. 

Kratom Storage and Processing

Kratom is a sensitive plant. Hence, it requires sensitive storage conditions. Using the right methods, kratom leaves can last up to a year in good condition. However, irrespective of the conditions, kratom leaves start to lose significant parts of their quality after one month. Considering the sensitivity of kratom to conditions such as temperature, oxygen supply, light, or even the surrounding odor, you should only trust suppliers/vendors that have employed the utmost carefulness to preserve the quality of the kratom products. 

Kratom Purity

Many kratom vendors intentionally add chemical additives to their kratom, perhaps to enhance its effects. While many others use pesticides and herbicides on the kratom during cultivation. Both practices are wrong and risk compromising the safety of kratom customers. It is not certain yet how kratom reacts with foreign chemicals and if this is safe for human beings. Also, the toxins and heavy metals present in pesticides and herbicides could pose danger for kratom customers. Hence, the emphasis in the industry on organic kratom.



Lab Testing

The only physical evidence that the above conditions have been met is a certificate of analysis, given after the kratom product has been lab-tested. The certificate of analysis shows the chemical components of the kratom product, which allows you to assess the alkaloid content of the product and also determine that it does not contain any harmful chemicals such as heavy metals and so on. Normally, the certificate of analysis should be displayed publicly and made available on request. For the COA to be valid, it must come from a lab that is government-certified and is a true third-party, that is, it has no relationship whatsoever with the kratom supplier. 

Orders and Delivery

Consider the whole experience of shopping for kratom, especially if you are buying kratom online. The kratom quality might be excellent but you may not be able to bear with poor shipping. Of course, the most common factor everyone considers is fast shipping. But there is more. 

If you are ordering a kratom product online, you need to ensure that the company protects your financial information. Ensure that the transaction is secure. In addition, find out how the company responds to complaints, with a particular emphasis on the return policy. Finally, ensure that you can track your order, just in case anything goes wrong. 

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Of course, what other customers are saying must be important to your decision making. When patronizing a kratom company for the first time, read multiple reviews to understand how good and efficient the company is. And don’t just focus on flashy expressions of love for the company and its products. Focus on what customers are saying concerning the quality of the product, relationship with customer service, as well as order and delivery handling.


Where To Buy Kratom?


1. WayMoreNaturals:

WayMoreNaturals is a premium kratom company based in Colorado but serves customers all over the country. It has one of the most comprehensive kratom offerings with many options to choose from; all kratom strains are available including the rare yellow-veined kratom strains. All its kratom products are completely organic, being cultivated naturally (without pesticides, herbicides, or any other chemicals) and processed in a climate-controlled clean room, away from elements of adulteration and contamination.


2. The Golden Monk:

The Golden Monk is GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practice) by the American Kratom Association. That means you can trust that their kratom has been cultivated in a safe environment and with proper equipment. Unlike most companies that offer free shipping on offers over $100, The Golden Monk’s free shipping begins at $50. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, The Golden Monk is indeed a customer-friendly company with its loyalty program to reward customers, rare opportunities such as private packaging, and many special deals available.

3. Top Extracts:

This company also deals in other kratom forms such as powder and capsules, but its flagship products are kratom extracts. Most kratom companies don’t usually have kratom extracts available. But Top Extracts is a wellness company with a broad scope. Even beyond kratom extracts, it also deals in CBD and other botanical products. Like The Golden Monk, Top Extracts also has a points system to reward loyal customers. Another interesting feature of Top Extracts is its payment options, as it has a couple of them and even accepts payments via bitcoin.

4. Kratom Spot:

Kratom Spot deals in pure, organic kratom powders, capsules, extracts, and shots. They also have wholesale deals for customers interested in bulk orders. The California-based kratom company that has been operating since 2014 and is a registered member of the American Kratom Association, certified for GMP. Kratom Spot is renowned for its excellent customer support. It is worthwhile to note that its free shipping begins at $50 orders, as against $100 for most other companies. 

5. Kraken Kratom:

Kraken Kratom deals in high-quality kratom powder, capsules, and extracts in various strains. One unique feature is its activity-specific kratom products, such as workout supplements. Kraken Kratom is based in Oregon and has been in the kratom industry since 2014. It has a community program, not unlike ours at WayMoreNaturals, that allows customers to learn more about kratom through community-exclusive articles. Kraken Kratom is active in kratom advocacy, as the push continues to see kratom legalized in all states and counties in America.




You can visit our store to explore our wide array of kratom powder and capsules in different strains and blends, whether retail or kratom wholesale. From our office in Colorado, we supply certified organic kratom to several states across the US and we would be more than excited to take your order next.

At Way More Naturals, we are committed to the wellness and safety of our customers through our organic, pure, and lab-tested kratom products. Hence, you can rest assured of the efficacy of the quality kratom that comes from Way More Naturals, the top choice kratom vendor in the United States. Visit our store to check out our beautiful menu of kratom. 


This product has not been approved by the FDA for human or animal use. The FDA has issued warnings about Kratom ingestion in humans. This product is sold with no directions or intended use. Content on this page does not claim or intend to claim any verifiable or beneficial use in humans.

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