How Do You Store and Keep Organic Kratom Fresh?

Kratom is a highly sensitive plant. That’s why one must buy kratom products from a vendor whose kratom storage system is strict and efficient. However, once you purchase organic kratom, the responsibility for the storage becomes yours. How do you keep the kratom from going bad then? Especially as some people love to buy bulk organic kratom products. 

To reiterate, kratom requires sensitive storage conditions and handling. In fact, that’s why kratom trees cannot grow well here in the United States. They are better suited to tropical climate conditions. Yet, even a temperature that’s too humid would harm the plant. In storing kratom, what’s important is how you maintain a balance between extremes. And for kratom, the ‘extreme’ band is, in some cases, quite wide. 

Generally, kratom can last up to three months of harvesting and remain in good condition. Beyond its shelf life, the plant loses its alkaloids and therefore its quality. But don’t be scared of purchasing kratom for this reason. Maintaining strict storage conditions, you can make your organic kratom product last for up to a year or more and remain in a good, consumable form. 

Some of the conditions that make kratom last longer include the following:

  • Coolness: 

Like vegetables, kratom plants and byproducts can be stored in the refrigerator. In fact, they should, because kratom requires a cool environment to maintain its freshness. As long as the temperature is stable in coolness (why a refrigerator is necessary), your kratom is safe. Alternatively, you may store it in a cupboard if the surrounding environment is cool enough. Whichever way you store your kratom, avoid the heat by all means. 

  • Dryness:

The reason why heat is bad for kratom is that it creates moisture, which in turn encourages mold growth. If you notice the tiniest mold on your kratom, you should discard everything; if consumed, it is dangerous for your health. Therefore, before storing your kratom in a refrigerator, cupboard, or anywhere else, ensure that it is in airtight storage such as a jar with a tight lid/seal or even a Ziploc bag. 

  • No oxidation:

Avoiding oxidation is another reason why you should store your kratom in an airtight container. Oxidation simply means exposure to oxygen. Oxygen can make your kratom go bad quickly. Ensure that no air can get to your product. If you buy bulk kratom products, you may store them in different containers/batches. This is to limit exposure to air every time you try to get some kratom out. 

  • Darkness:

Kratom is best stored in a dark environment. You may have read that certain strains of kratom are stored under sunlight/artificial UV light during processing. But that’s something for the farmers/producers to worry about. When you buy kratom as a finished product, you should store it in a dark environment. Otherwise, UV rays from the sunlight may weaken the chemicals present in the product and cause it to deteriorate in quality. If you can’t keep your kratom away from sunlight completely, keeping it in tinted glass jars achieves the same purpose. 

  • No Foreign Odor:

This is the least known of all the conditions for proper kratom storage. Being a sensitive plant, kratom easily picks up surrounding scents. Unless you prefer to alter your kratom experience, you should not store kratom in an environment with foreign (especially unpleasant) smells. This may be difficult in some cases, especially when trying to store kratom in the refrigerator, since storing kratom with other products may cause it to pick up unpleasant scents.

If you do all these diligently, you can make your kratom products last as long as you want while still remaining fresh and consumable. How do you know when kratom has gone bad? Signs to watch out for include the following:

  • Mold growth
  • Loss of color
  • Loss of smell or unusual smell
  • Other common signs of degradation noticeable in other herbs

Storing kratom properly is important to staying healthy. But it begins with buying organic kratom from a reliable vendor in the first place. Can you vouch for the quality of the kratom you purchase? Not just the experience, but is the quality top-notch? Was it stored properly before you purchased it? 

WayMoreNaturals’ customers can answer in the affirmative to all these questions. Our company is built on a foundation of trust sustained by years of high-quality service delivery. All our kratom products are stored in a climate-controlled clean room with adequate equipment until they are ready to be shipped. Buy kratom from a company with a superb storage system and facility. Buy your kratom from WayMoreNaturals. We never compromise on quality. 

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