Best Red Organic Kratom Strains To Try

Red strains of kratom are some of the most popular organic kratom strains around. Also, they often have the best results. That’s why kratom plants with red-veined leaves are at the highest stages of maturity, just before turning yellow. As a result of this, red organic kratom leaves usually have a better-developed alkaloid profile compared to other kratom strains. 

Hence, many people desire red kratom strains over other strains (green, white, yellow, etc.) because of the intensified effects they deliver. However, the specific effects of the red organic kratom strain umbrella are not set in stone. In fact, effects vary greatly across the various subcategories available. Of the subcategories of the red organic kratom strain, some of the most popular, according to kratom lovers, are listed below.

Find out what makes each one special!

Red Borneo Kratom

A true classic. If you just want to taste pure kratom delight without much experimentation, then the Red Borneo kratom is perfect for you. Aside from the fact that it comes from the largest island on the Asian continent and the largest in the world, Borneo, this kratom strain stands out in its composition. 

It has good amounts of alkaloids, including complex alkaloids that are not usually found in other strains. Besides mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, which are obviously the most abundant alkaloids in kratom, Red Borneo kratom also contains high levels of hydroxy corynanthidine, speciogynine, and alkoxide. All are potent alkaloids with beneficial effects on the body. 

Red Chocolate Kratom

Despite the goodness of this red organic kratom strain, it is not available in abundant quantities. However, that does not stop it from being a favorite of many kratom lovers. The leaves and the stem of the Red Chocolate kratom strain have a unique dark brown color, hence the seemingly unusual name. In terms of processing, Red Chocolate kratom is a product of a special fermentation process. 

However, that process does not include the addition of cocoa. Therefore, Red Chocolate does not in fact taste like chocolate. If yours does, it may have been mixed with cocoa and that means it is no longer organic. On this blog, we have consistently promoted only organic kratom products and warned against the dangers of buying adulterated kratom. That aside, the Red Chocolate kratom strain, even though it appeared somewhat recently, has quickly shot into the limelight as an elite kratom strain. You should definitely try it sometime.

Red Indo Kratom

Anyone who has had a very pleasant experience wants it to last forever. Taking the Red Indo kratom gives you that kind of experience, and even though it does not last forever, it does last long longer than many other kratom strains. Little wonder it is much desired in the kratom community. One of our community members has the following to say about Red Indo kratom: “wins it all when it comes to giving the most pleasant overall experience.”

The Red Indo kratom strain boasts of a unique and potent alkaloid profile, which contributes to the awesome experience to which users regularly testify. Red Indo Kratom is more relaxing than a typical Red kratom strain, but that’s what makes it all the better sought-after. It is also a great strain with which kratom newbies can begin their incredible journey into the beautiful world of kratom.

Red Fibro Kratom

Assume that kratom strains formed a sports team, Red Fibro kratom would most likely be the star of the team, and for obvious reasons. For one, it is produced via the unusual (in the kratom context) the agricultural process of grafting involving Thai kratom. The result is a superior version of the Thai kratom strain. This excellent and unique technique makes the Red Fibro kratom tree more adaptable to changes and its leaves possess a better alkaloid profile. Mind you, kratom does not take away the naturalness of the strain; the products are still as organic. Now, which kratom user wouldn’t love that?

Since the Red Fibro kratom strain is a blend of kratom strains, when you take it, you are essentially enjoying the best of two worlds. That includes the aroma, taste, and effects; everything is multiplied. That is what puts Red Fibro kratom right up there among kratom nobility, if you think that’s fine to refer to the best organic kratom strains. 


What completes this impressive list of top Red kratom strains is that they are all organically sourced. At least, if you purchase from us at WayMoreNaturals. We are committed to the sales of organic kratom products and we continually advocate naturalness. This is a result of our fidelity to ensuring the well-being of our numerous customers spread across the United States (the places where kratom is legal) and abroad. 

To try out any of the fascinating red organic kratom strains and enjoy awesome discounts and other benefits, head to the WayMoreNaturals store!

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