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There is heated competition in the kratom industry and many vendors are in a constant race to outdo each other by offering freebies to customers. Yes, you can try kratom for free but the important question here is why might anyone want to try kratom for free. It is hard not to think of free kratom trials as just marketing gimmicks to win more customers for vendors. But there is more to it. There are actually valid reasons why you might want to try kratom for free and they are highlighted below:

  • To judge the product quality: despite all a vendor might claim about their kratom product, the true test of effectiveness is having first-hand experience. Free kratom samples allow you to correctly judge the vendor and the quality of their product. Remember that kratom impacts your health; hence, the trust factor is very important. Use free samples to ascertain the claims of the vendor compared to your direct personal experience with the kratom product itself. The advantage of this is that the samples come at no cost to you, and so you need not worry about losing money if the product does not turn out to be one that you like.
  • To determine the right kratom strain for you: on our website alone, there are tens of kratom strains to choose from. No one can possibly buy all the strains to determine their effects. Instead, you can request free samples to compare one strain of kratom against the other. This helps you determine the effects of which strain you are comfortable with. Of course, everyone has a different tolerance level. Therefore, before deciding if you should buy Borneo or Maeng Da kratom strain, a red-veined variety or a green-veined variety, it is highly recommended to try out a small sample for yourself to determine your preference. 
  • To explore new strains of kratom: as mentioned above, there are many strains of kratom available. More so, different strains are still emerging. For example, until a few years ago, no one had heard of the yellow vein strain of kratom (which is sometimes also called gold vein). In the evolving kratom industry, free samples allow you to try out new products and strains without any financial risk to yourself. It is very important to know which effect a new strain of kratom will have upon you before proceeding to purchase a full dose. 

Nevertheless the advantages of free kratom samples, it is pure wisdom to be wary of anything tagged ‘free’. Free stuff can be liberating, or it can be burdening, or even worse. Therefore, you should be careful and watch out for certain red flags. One red flag you should be wary of is hidden charges. For instance, some vendors place you under an obligation to purchase a full dose when you are requesting a free sample. You may not realize this until you read their policy on free samples. It is a small effort to protect yourself from entering into dubious agreements all because you want a free sample. If a free sample is not free, that’s a red flag enough.

Likewise, you should be wary of old kratom products packaged as free samples, as is common among some vendors. When you receive a kratom product, whether powder or capsule or extract, look out for signs such as mold growth or any other visible appearances that may suggest that something is amiss. Carefully perceive the smell too to make sure it is normal for kratom. Kratom has a distinctly pungent flavor. Avoid any suspicious kratom product for the sake of your health. 

In addition, when ordering free kratom samples, always apply the same rigorous standards as you would use bigger kratom order. That is, the kratom sample should be organic, pure, and lab-tested. This is one area many people don’t pay attention to, getting carried away by the fact that they are receiving free stuff. 

You would normally get free kratom samples from online kratom vendors. Local stores where kratom products are sold usually have a small stock and fewer strains available. Therefore, most of them are unable to offer free samples, unless a few may resort to dubious practices, such as packaging old and improperly stored kratom as free samples. When looking for free ORGANIC KRATOM samples, online vendors such as WayMoreNaturals are your best bet.


At WayMoreNaturals, you can choose from any of our over 20 strains of kratom to enjoy a free sample. Our new customers are entitled to two new free kratom samples while returning customers are entitled to one free sample. Each free sample is a 10-gram package of kratom goodness that will deliver to you a 100% enriching experience.

If you would love other free stuff, you should consider joining our online kratom community, a Facebook group where you can interact with other kratom lovers like you. More importantly, the group provides you access to numerous kratom discounts and exclusive offers. You can as well participate in contests and win giveaways. Likewise, as a member of the group, you get to be among the first set of people to learn about new products, so that you can even try them for free earlier than others. 


This product has not been approved by the FDA for human or animal use. The FDA has issued warnings about Kratom ingestion in humans. This product is sold with no directions or intended use. Content on this page does not claim or intend to claim any verifiable or beneficial use in humans.

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