Why Organic Maeng Da Kratom is the Best Strain

If you ever get the chance to try out Maeng Da kratom, you would be doing so for all the right reasons. Maeng Da kratom is regarded as an elegant strain of kratom for elites, and rightly so. Little wonder it is so popular!

The following are some of the reasons for the widespread popularity of Maeng Da kratom and why it is regarded as the best strain of kratom:

  • Maeng Da kratom is a very ancient strain of kratom and it originates from Thailand. In fact, some people believe that it is the oldest strain of kratom. It is so ancient that originally, people used to refer to all ORGANIC KRATOM plants as ‘Maeng Da’. That was obviously before the traditional distinctions emerged and a new class became known as Maeng Da kratom. With that, it is apparent that even the name ‘Maeng Da’ is legendary.
  • Why is Maeng Da kratom strain called ‘Maeng Da’? That is an interesting question with a similarly interesting answer. In Thai, ‘Maeng Da’ actually means pimp grade. It is used as a descriptive term and slang for anything that is of high quality. What does that tell you? The Maeng Da kratom is so-called because of its impressive quality. When you say ‘Maeng Da kratom’, you are actually saying ‘pimp grade kratom’. Obviously, this is no ordinary strain of kratom at all.
  • Maeng Da is a truly unique kratom strain. Unlike other forms of kratom, Maeng Da kratom is not cultivated naturally. It is produced by the agricultural process called grafting. Grafting occurs when you join tissues (it may be a tissue or a twig or any other part) from different plants together so that they can grow as one plant. For Maeng Da kratom, a part of one kratom plant is grafted into another kratom plant. 
  • Due to the ingenious engineering of the tree, per grafting, the Maeng Da kratom tree enjoys more stability in the growth process. The tree is better able to withstand seasonal changes compared to other trees, all thanks to its unique origin. 
  • Maeng Da is more effective than other strains of kratom. Because of the unique process by which it is created, Maeng Da kratom plants usually have a higher concentration of alkaloids. This leads to more pronounced effects when people take this strain of kratom. Hence, Maeng Da kratom can be said to be more satisfying than other strains of kratom. It is, therefore, not hard to see why it is regarded as the best kratom strain. 

To find the best Maeng Da kratom products in the United States, look no further than WayMoreNaturals. We have organic Maeng Da kratom powder and capsule products in all the four major strains of kratom by vein color: Red vein, White vein, Green vein, and even Yellow vein. Each of these is distinct in its features and effects. For instance, the Red Vein Maeng Da is a result of grafting Red Vein Indo with Red Vein Thai kratom strain. 

Choose us if you want a Maeng Da kratom product that is:
  • Completely organic. Our kratom products are completely natural. Besides the natural chemicals in the plants, we include no chemical additives.
  • Completely pure. Our farmers grow all our kratom plants using sustainable techniques and avoid the use of pesticides, herbicides, and other such contaminants that may render the kratom plant less safe.
  • Lab-tested: we test all our kratom products at a third-party laboratory that is certified by the government for operations. We have at hand certificates of assessment that are publicly available on request.
  • Finely ground. We have state-of-the-art equipment to maintain the highest standards in processing our kratom. The kratom powder is sifted at least three times to give it the fine texture that our customers are now familiar with. 


By now, you should be convinced that Maeng Da kratom is right for you. And even if you are not fully convinced yet, you can order a free kratom sample from us in order to try it out and experience the wonders of Maeng Da kratom firsthand. 


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