Can you Buy Kratom Online?

Can you buy kratom online? Of course, you can buy kratom online; as a matter of fact, you should buy kratom online. The real reasons for this are explained below. Certainly, as far as kratom is legal in a particular location, you would find kratom products commonly sold in stores, smoke shops, gas stations, and nutritional centers. However, most big retail outlets do not stock kratom products at all. This is especially true of reputable retail chains such as GNC, Walmart, and Walgreens. This article explains to you why buying kratom online is the best available decision to make. For one, the retail chains listed above (GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, Amazon, etc.) don’t stock kratom because of uncertainties about its legality. Make no mistake; kratom is legal federally all over the United States. Yet, since states and counties can make their own laws operative within their various jurisdictions, kratom is not entirely legal everywhere! Not to worry though, the majority of states (more than forty, actually) have legalized kratom or at most limited access to it to adults, who are above 18 years of age. That leaves only a handful of states and a few counties where kratom remains illegal.  Yet, the subject of the legality of kratom is one that is still heavily contested all over the country, especially by people who misunderstand the herb and do not acknowledge its benefits. Because kratom laws may change at any time, these big retail chains avoid stocking kratom products so as to avoid any legal complications from doing so. Apparently, one could say they are trying to play it safe, even though that might not be entirely necessary! Since the big wigs are out, we are left with the small retail stores where herbal supplements are sold, as well as gas stations and smoke shops. Kratom products are available in those places, but it is not highly recommended to buy from them. For one, these shops stock far more products than just kratom. Therefore, many of the retailers end up being those who do not really understand what kratom is or how it works. More so, it is not unusual for some of these local vendors to ‘enhance’ their kratom with chemical additives in order to boost the effects of these products or to boost their volume so that they can sell more.  Anyone who has been reading this blog consistently must have been thoroughly educated on the dangers of buying impure kratom products. Many of the health issues relating to kratom are actually due to taking kratom with other substances. Experts do not recommend such at all since the interaction of kratom with other chemicals and drugs have not been fully studied to determine precise safety levels. Add this to the danger of improper storage techniques among local vendors and it is not hard to understand why their products are not necessarily safe.  Therefore, such shady practices lead to a distrust of local vendors. After all, kratom is important in health matters as well. As such, even though these local vendors run massive discounts with their enhanced kratom products, it is better to forego such benefits for as long as health and safety are concerned. The exception to this would be when a local store sells fresh ORGANIC KRATOM products as produced and packaged by a major reputable brand, such as WayMoreNaturals Now we are left with online vendors. Unlike local store vendors, online kratom vendors are usually the manufacturers of the kratom products, rather than being middlemen. That is enough reason to increase your trust in them. Since online vendors usually know more about kratom, it is easier for you to question them about and investigate their products to verify their claims. This increased accountability is a very key factor. However, regardless of the online vendor that you are purchasing kratom, certain standards are not negotiable. Apparently, not all online vendors should be automatically trusted. You should only trust a vendor (online or physical) when they have met certain conditions, which are explained below. 
  • Organic Kratom: we cannot emphasize this enough. It is very critical that the kratom products you purchase are organic and pure. That way, you keep yourself safe. If you are buying kratom from any vendor, ensure that you understand how the kratom was cultivated and processed. If there is an unnatural process involved, that is enough red flag for you. Of course, with WayMoreNaturals, you never have to worry about this since all our kratom products are organic.
  • Lab-tested Kratom: you don’t just trust the words of a kratom vendor at face value. The proof that the kratom you are buying is of high quality is the certificate of analysis, which shows that the product has been lab-tested. Pay attention to the lab too to ensure that it is indeed a third-party lab and certified. For WayMoreNaturals, you can request a certificate of analysis for any of our products when you contact us by email. 
  • Secure Payment: when you pay for goods online, the payment processing company definitely collects your credit card information. You must be assured that your transaction is safe and secure before you buy anything online. Of course, this does not just apply to kratom alone. One, the transaction must take place on a secure website (HTTPS). Secondly, the company’s policy on transactions must explain how they keep your financial information secure. 
  • Delivery: it is understandable why many people may prefer their neighborhood store to online vendors. In the former, they can just pop in and pop out with their kratom. But in the latter, most online vendors deliver slowly. Not WayMoreNaturals. We offer same-day shipping on most of our products to ensure that our customers receive their items in time. Fast delivery is a very important factor to consider. 


In essence, you are not missing anything by buying kratom online instead of at a local store. You are not even missing discounts. At least, not when you purchase your kratom product from a brand such as ours. You get to join our kratom community where you can access special discounts and exclusive kratom offers, participate in contests, and win giveaways. All of these lead to an overall greater enriching experience.  Finally, before you purchase kratom from us at WayMoreNaturals, you are entitled to two free samples as a new customer. Try two samples of different strains to fully experience the difference between WayMoreNaturals and other vendors (both physical and online). You would understand that we are distinct. More so, as a return customer, you still have access to one free sample as well. 
WayMoreNaturals is an established name in the kratom industry in the United States.
We are known for our organic, lab-tested, and high-quality kratom products (capsules and powder) available in different strains that will leave you wanting more. Visit our online store to purchase kratom today. 
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