Which Thai Kratom Strain is the Best?

Classes of organic kratom strains are often named according to the location where they are cultivated or shipped. Therefore, basically, Thai kratom strains are the kratom strains that come from Thailand. Thailand is well-known in the kratom world as a top location for finding high-quality kratom trees.

Thai kratom only exists in the traditional three classes of kratom strains: Green, Red, and White. We discuss all three here. 

Of course, there is a newly developed fourth called Yellow kratom, but because Yellow kratom is usually a class of hybrid strains, you would most probably not find any strain called ‘Yellow Thai’ kratom. If you do, then it must be a cross between regular Thai kratom (of any of the three strains) and another different strain of kratom. 

Green Thai Kratom

Green Thai kratom is a really superior variant of kratom, not just in terms of the Thai class only, but among kratom strains generally. For a comparison of the impacts of Green Thai kratom, you may consider a combination of the properties of Green and White Maeng Da kratom, another elite variety of kratom. 

Green Thai kratom has such advanced properties as a result of grafting, which is the method by which this strain of kratom is cultivated before processing. At WayMoreNaturals, our Green Thai kratom comes directly from experienced local kratom farmers. 

Red Thai Kratom

Red Thai kratom is the most favorite of kratom lovers among the Thai strains. Many more kratom lovers purchase Red Thai kratom than they do White Thai or even Green Thai kratom. 

This is partly due to the abundance of this strain of kratom itself. Because Red Thai kratom trees are quite easy to find, it is effortless to source them from the native lands for processing and subsequent sales. Most people get introduced to the Thai class of kratom via Red Thai kratom and it’s not bad if you do too. 

White Thai Kratom

White Thai kratom trees are known to be well-developed. They have very strong properties that enable them to resist the impacts of adverse weather conditions, as well as bugs and other insects. Therefore, they require a low amount of effort to be cultivated wholesomely. 

Instead, the white leaves of this kratom tree remain soft throughout the growth cycle, until they are plucked, dried, and processed. The White Thai kratom strain is in very high demand, almost as much as the Red Thai strain. It is a peculiar strain loved by everyone around. 

Which Thai Kratom Strain is the Best?

As you must have noticed, each of these three major Thai kratom strains has unique properties that make it superior in some way. Green Thai kratom has advanced properties due to grafting. Red Thai kratom is abundant and popular. White Thai kratom trees are resilient and well-developed. 

Therefore, it is not really up to us to determine which one is the best. That’s your choice to make depending on your needs and wants. If you are new to Thai kratom entirely, you may begin with Red Thai kratom, or White Thai kratom if you long for an adventure right away. Having determined that Thai kratom is right for you, then you may move to try Green Thai kratom. It all depends on your preferences. 


All Thai kratom strains are available at WayMoreNaturals. It needs no mentioning that they are all organic, as are all our kratom products. We only sell organic kratom products. Therefore, to purchase organic Thai Kratom (Green, Red, or White), head to our online store now and you will receive your order within days. 


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