Differences Between Vietnam Kratom and Malaysia Kratom

Vietnam and Malaysia are included among the top southeast Asian countries where kratom can be sourced. Of course, organic kratom strains from either region do not exactly compete. Rather, kratom has developed in each country over the years. 

Therefore, now we analyze the most popular kratom strains from Vietnam and Malaysia (Malay kratom) for their differences and peculiarities. It is hoped that this would help you to make a good choice of a kratom product to purchase when next you shop for Mitragyna speciosa

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Vietnam Kratom

Many people think Vietnam kratom is a new strain because it has only just recently shot into the mainstream light. But that’s not true. Vietnam kratom has been around for quite a long while and those who know its value can attest to it. 

Vietnam has different regions that naturally support the growth of kratom such as the bank of the Mekong river as well as An Giang province. The lands in these regions are rich in minerals to support the best development of kratom trees. 

Green Vietnam kratom is cultivated specifically in the northern part of the Indonesian axis of the Vietnamese island, right under the Malaysian axis. This proximity to two countries, Indonesia and Malaysia makes it to share certain properties with both Indo and Malay kratom. Therefore, this is a strain that provides a balanced experience. 

The newest sub-strain of Vietnam Kratom is the Red Vietnam strain. And even though relatively new, it has attracted a lot of attention in the kratom world. The distinctive feature of this strain is its balanced aroma, not to any extremes that kratom is associated with. 

Yellow Vietnam kratom trees can be found in the forests along the route of the Mekon river. Because of this proximity to a natural water source, these trees are found well-developed. Unlike Red Vietnam, Yellow Vietnam features a number of distinct aromas. 

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Malay Kratom

Unlike Vietnam kratom, Malay kratom is well-known and has been very popular for a long time. 

The tropical nation of Malaysia has the perfect blend of soil condition and weather condition to support kratom growth. Malaysia’s climate is humid all year, making it a great breeding zone for kratom trees. 

The most popular Malay kratom strain by far is the Green Malay. In fact, this kratom strain is so good that it is often called ‘Super Green Malay Kratom’. And indeed, it is super. Because of Malaysia being an excellent habitat for kratom cultivation, Green Malay kratom is one of the kratom strains with the most balanced set of properties. 

In terms of quality rating, the Green Malay kratom strain sits right next to other super kratom strains, particularly Maeng Da kratom, another top-shelf strain of kratom. 

Moreover, Malay kratom is not quite as pricey as other high-quality organic kratom strains in its league. So, that’s one plus for people who want something elite but economical at the same time. 


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