White Vietnam Kratom Strain Review

White Vietnam kratom is one of the popular strains of the Southeast Asian plant, Mitragyna speciosa, otherwise known as kratom. Historically, Southeast Asians planted kratom trees to cook and eat their leaves, which are deemed medicinal. However, modern methods of consuming kratom are through powder and capsules. 

White Vietnam kratom is well-known for its pleasant aroma as well as its potent, long-lasting, invigorating effects. But there is more to this distinctive strain of kratom. To understand what makes it truly unique, it is all down to its cultivation. 


The White Vietnam is the most popular white kratom strain not gotten from Indonesia. Other popular strains namely Borneo, Bali, Elephant, etc. are Indonesia-based. But White Vietnam comes from the forests along the Bassac river, located on the outskirts of Long Xuyen, one of Vietnam’s major cities. It can also be found in forests around the Mekong river. 

Because this strain of kratom requires a special environment (a location with a tropical climate, often surrounded by water bodies) to grow, cultivation and sourcing its leaves is difficult. Therefore, White Vietnam Kratom is one of the rarest kratom strains.

In fact, you would hardly find it sold in bulk, vendors only selling it in small batches due to its scarcity. However, the demand for White Vietnam kratom continues to soar among users who recognize its power, uniqueness, and value.

Where to Buy White Vietnam Kratom

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