White Elephant Kratom Strain Review

When it comes to White Elephant Kratom, purity is very important! That’s why it’s highly recommended to shop with WayMoreNaturals.   As the popularity of Kratom spreads around the United States, certain strains have stood out for their distinctive features including White Elephant Kratom. White Elephant is a very special Kratom strain. It is very potent, in high-demand, but also very rare. What is so special about this Kratom to warrant the amount of attention that it attracts? 

White-veined Kratom strains

There are two conditions to be fulfilled for the production of White Elephant Kratom powder. First, it must be sourced from the variety of Kratom trees with white-veined leaves. ‘White’ Kratom is one of the three principal strains of Kratom according to the color of the leaves’ veins, the others being green and red. Besides White Elephant, there are other White strains including White Bali, White Borneo, White Horn, White Chocolate, etc. In general, White Kratom strains are known to be stimulating and mood-enhancing. Of course, the overall effect depends on other factors such as quality, cultivation, processing, etc. However, White Kratom strains have a higher amount of alkaloid mitragynine and less of 7-hydroxy mitragynine, compared to the other two major strains.

White Elephant Kratom

The second condition to be fulfilled for the production of White Elephant Kratom powder is that it must come from a certain variety of white-veined Kratom trees with large drooping leaves resembling elephant ears. That has earned this strain its name White Elephant Such leaves are not easy to find, as Kratom trees with drooping leaves are buried deep in the Sumatra island located in Indonesia. Such trees are located in the sections of the forests where it is most humid and rainiest.  Because of the arduous process of sourcing the right leaves for White Elephant Kratom products, the strain is not readily available everywhere. Despite its rarity, White Elephant Kratom remains one of the most demanded Kratom strains. It has very potent positive effects on the body, so it is not hard to see why many people love this Kratom strain.

Where to Buy White Elephant Kratom

When it comes to Kratom, purity is very important as Kratom does not necessarily react positively when used with other substances. In addition, White Elephant Kratom is not very common and the risk of falling for a counterfeit is high. So, when shopping, you would want to buy from a company that ensures the purity of its Kratom powder through organic farming, multiple sifting stages (at least, three), and laboratory testing.  That company is WayMoreNaturals, a Kratom company that guarantees customers 100% satisfaction from Kratom powders and capsules at affordable prices. We apply the highest standards to deliver the best quality Kratom products to our customers. Don’t hesitate to check out the WhiteElephantKratom on our online store.

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