Yellow Indo Kratom Strain Review

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The Yellow Indo Kratom strain is one of the newest strains of the Kratom plant (Mitragyna speciosa). The ‘Indo’ in the name stands for Indonesia, from where this strain of Kratom originated. Indonesia is one of the top countries where Kratom is grown. 

The most popular strains of Kratom are grouped by colors into Green, Red, and White. In fact, Yellow Kratom is not recognized as an official strain yet, but its potency is without doubt as word about it spreads around the world. 

This novel Kratom strain is grown, stored, and processed using unique procedures that give it its distinctive properties. 

Cultivation and Processing

The colors after which Kratom strains are named are usually according to the drying method and processing techniques applied. The leaves are dried under direct sunlight for oxidation. The Yellow Indo strain is different by the length of time for which the leaves are dried before being ground into powder. Also, it is a high-yield strain, and that has enhanced the popularity of the Yellow Indo in the Kratom market. Due to a number of factors including the prevalent weather, harvest style, storage method, and processing technique, the Yellow Indo leaves usually have a dark, tawny shade, sometimes with red tinges. 

Should You Try Yellow Indo Kratom?

Though new in the market, it is fast gaining an impressive reputation. Its modest effects make it a perfect strain for people who have just getting introduced to Kratom. 

Because the Yellow Indo Kratom strain is still new and there is no consensus yet as to the right processing methods to produce it, it is not uncommon to find vendors selling low-quality Kratom. Low-quality Kratom can be injurious to a user’s health, causing serious disruptions to bodily functions. Therefore, a person must buy Kratom from trustworthy sources only, with a reputation for producing premium-grade Kratom.

And such a company is WayMoreNaturals. WayMoreNaturals sells completely organic premium Kratom in different forms including powder and capsules. Our Kratom is 100% pure, and is lab-tested to ensure that it is of the utmost quality and safety. We are a foremost Kratom company and our customers all over the country can attest to our transparency, quality, and support. 

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